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So I went to the clinic to learn how to inject myself with mtx this afternoon. It was all very easy and then i was told that you don't get it from a pharmacy, its delivered to your home. I am working full time and live on my own so there would never be anyone in to take delivery. Can i ask what everyone else does in my position please? Thanks, Jane

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  • I arrange to have mine delivered on my day off. Family have in the past accepted my injections or neighbours. Some chemists will take them in for you it's worth an ask. Delia. X

  • I have no family near by and all my neighbours work too. If they could deliver to a chemist, that would be fab. I don't really want to use my annual leave up just for a delivery. Thanks for replying, Jane

  • Mine get delivered to my brother in law who's retired & doesn't mind staying at home when the delivery is due.

  • They will deliver to any address you assign to them ,:and you can change that address if necessary. You can have it delivered to your place of work if that suits better. The delivery people are very accommodating. X

  • That's really good to hear, thank you.

  • Mine always go to the nearest chemist. The chemist will deliver or i collect.


  • I just pick mine up at the pharmacy along with my other meds. I have done since I started on the syringes then a few months back the Metoject pens. They have to order them in but it only takes 24 hours.

    Do you think different authorities have different rules? It is so much easier to collect them when I want to.

  • I work in a school and it is delivered there in term time.

  • Could it be delivered to where you work - so long as there is a fridge

  • MTX injections or pens don't need refridgerating Gillian.

  • Ooops thinking of enbrel. Sorry

  • No probs, easily done. I lived in Spain when I started on subcut & it wasn't necessary there either.

  • Don't need a fridge for MTX unless live somewhere very hot - like the Middle East.

  • Ooops thinking of enbrel sorry

  • My Practice has signed a shared care agreement so mine are on my normal repeat script list & I have it filled at the chemist of my choosing but as others have said if yours need to be supplied by a company like Healthcare at Home I believe you can have them delivered to your workplace. I would make sure they're aware that the parcel will have to be your name c/o your work address.

  • I am the same as NMHs, I have a shared care agreement and my MTX pens are included on my repeat prescription and I collect them at my local pharmacy . Hope you can sort this out.


  • Hiya Jan, how are you doing with the injections? Hope the extra folic acid has helped & you're feeling less nauseous. x

  • Extra folic acid has helped enormously and im now hoping the injections will both completely relieve the nausea and also start to have an effect on the ra. I'm also on a shared care scheme between my consultant and gp. I had my first injection at the clinic yesterday which was where the nurse said they have to be delivered to your home or a neighbours. When i go back next month i will tell her about your arrangement and see if i can do the same or have it delivered at my usual chemist. Thanks for sharing your experiences nomoreheels (ive stopped wearing heels too 😢).

  • Having read your reply below I think I'd ask if it's at all possible to your MTX prescribed by your GP Surgery. If you explain as you have here I would think they would understand. That said I don't really understand why hospitals choose to use these agents to provide meds so maybe someone who has theirs done this way will know & advise if it's possible to have them changed to go on your normal rescript.

    Pleased the additional folic acid has helped & that the longer you're on the injections the less yucky you'll feel.

    I've been given the ok to wear wedges by my Podietrist but have yet to find any "going out" shoes comfy enough & which accommodates my orthotic, typical!

  • I think it depends on the organisation of the Clinical Commissioning Group in your NHS Trust area, the hospital where your rheumy is based and what is the most cost-effective route locally. I know that where I am the hospital takes responsibility for prescribing injections/pens, so my GP can only prescribe MTX tablets. Once I switched onto injections/pens there was no choice.

    Maybe they'll be more leeway where you are. But an alternative could be to collect them from the hospital if you get your blood tested there rather than at GP? I know my rheumy dept has a weekly injection clinic for people who can't manage to do it themselves and I have in the past been able to get a pen from them.

  • Hi NMH, I'm not too bad with the injections 4th one today, 3rd I've done myself, pretty straight forward, just getting used to doing it is the main thing. The Folic acid has helped with the nausea greatly.

    Thanks for enquiring how I'm going. Hands still swollen and very painful, now waiting for MRI. Hope you are well.


  • It soon becomes routine doesn't it? So pleased the increase in folic acid has helped too. Sorry to hear though that your hands are still bad. Hopefully the MTX injections won't cause the troubles the tablets did & works better. It sounds odd but it was only when I changed to subcut I noticed a real change. It must just target the disease better!

    Off to see Rheumy nurse tomorrow first thing, see what she makes of my swollen ankles. May need the increase to 20mg after all. I was hoping to swerve that as my liver objected last time.

    Let us know when you have your MRI results won't you? x

  • I will let you how things go.

  • Thanks everyone for your help. I think deliveries to work would be a problem as i work in a hospital laboratory and have lots of reagent deliveries addressed to me but dealt with by some of my staff - the mtx would very likely end up in the wrong place. 😕

  • And I've just remembered that the company my hospital uses can deliver at weekends where necessary I believe.

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