About time we took our own banner and "trend"?

I've the benefit of having my own web design agency and I do "marketing" for a number of clients on the web. I also can't see why I should roll over and take this diagnosis on the chin! SO, my own personal facebook page has a special quote on from me

6 June at 22:17

I have Symmetrical Rheumatoid Arthritis and today I walked off the side of a mountain. #NeverGiveUp

And I accompanied it with the picture I'm posting here.

I've a few less "extreme" things I'd like to do as well, and I intend to do them all.

Does anyone else 'Bucket List' ?

I'm wanting to create a blog specifically detailing my experiences with S.R.A. and Gout. People who already know me will expect good humour, a large spoonful of sarcasm and mock ranting, as I'm not angry. I'm just preparing myself for the way ahead. I'll never give up. I'll just adjust.

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  • Fantastic....well done!!! I have to admit my first thought was...where's his helmet? 😊. That's an amazing view...where is it? I

  • Oludeniz. Turkey. At 7500 ft! The helmet is on my pilots arm. Its only required during take off and landing.

  • Hi SalixG

    Since my diagnosis (the same as yours!) my philosophy is very similar - don't put it off. We've been to Iceland, seen the Aurora Borealis right overhead, whales in the ocean, icebergs floating out to sea, mountains and glaciers and - best of all - took a flight over an erupting volcano! And we're doing it again this year!




  • Thank you so much for sharing this. It is truly awesome.

  • Interesting to read you calling it SRA - isn't RA usually symmetrical or are you using the symmetry to raise awareness perhaps? Anyway I think yours is a great attitude (at altitude) but much harder for younger ones to follow as their bucket list may still be largely career driven and not everyone has pensions or can afford to fulfill their wilder dreams as you apparently can.

    But I do agree everyone should have a bucket list regardless of whether you have SRA because life is for living and none of us know what's round the bend! Mine is to relocate somewhere closer to my family and be a full time and committed collaborative artist again earning my keep once more.

  • Hi Twitchytoes, I call mine SRA because that's the diagnosis I had from the rheumatologist. I'd never heard of it before!

  • You sound just like me! I have been in remission from my RA for over a year and put it down mostly to my positive attitude. Great to see other positive people on here!


  • Hi Salix G,

    Amazing photo, and as others have said, a great attitude to have! Looking forward to hearing more from your blog. If you can help share our posts next week - RA Awareness Week - then we'd be most grateful. Find out more at nras.org.uk/RAweek

    Good luck with the rest of the bucket list and let us know if you need any information or support with your diagnosis.

    Best wishes,


    NRAS Digital Media Manager

  • I'll get links passed out via a number of sites that I control. More the merrier!

  • good for you keep it up

  • You are a fantastic inspiration! Well done you xx

  • You're a braver man than me Gunga Din!! Wish I had the nerve, it looks exhilarating. Good on ya! :)

  • Wow, good for you, SalixG. I want to do so many things too but I've done one... I went parachuting from a plane at 3,000 feet. I had a static line but did it all on my own. I have also climbed two 14'ers in Colorado. (14,000 feet high).

    My dreams are to visit Europe & see the aurora borealis somewhere.


  • Northern Lights is on the list, as is the more ambitious Elephant migration on the Serengeti Plains

  • What a lovely pic --- your attitude is awesome. Keep it up x😊

  • Fantastic outlook, hopefully you can infect all of us with your enthusiasm - certainly could use some. I will checkout your Facebook page, and follow if possible. Could we use this to also educate the unaffected, those who have stereotypical attitudes towards those with arthritis?

  • I am working towards registering a new domain and using that as "The Story" I'll collect and collate on the way :o)

  • Brill! Such enthusiasm is infectious, never give up. 😀

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