Appt done, good results

Whew, I talked with 3 ladies from the business office for probably 20 minutes before I went down the hall for my blood draw. Then they weighed me & rushed me into the exam room. I talked with my nurse-she's so nice, and asked about folic acid & she said 'you've not been taking this!?' oh boy, so now I will be and hopefully it will help me avoid/heal the mouth sores that Mtx gives me.

My Dr said my results are good, and I don't have to have blood drawn for 3 months now, yeah. I'll see him again in 6 months. He didn't tell me any of my levels-they give you the results online now. I should have asked for a new username, I could probably do that via phone though.

While I was there, I saw a young girl, probably about 11, who was really having a hard time walking. It was her first time there. I felt so bad for her. I really don't remember having difficulty walking when I was little. I have pictures of a really swollen knee & of the other ankle. I just wanted to play outside with my siblings & didn't let anything stop me.

After seeing the Dr, I went back to the business office & with their help-decided that the insurance plans that I have been researching, aren't that good, so I self-paid again. Maybe I'll just wait another year & 4 months until I can get Medicare on disability. It's so hard to not have insurance. I've never not had any until I couldn't manage the Cobra payments after I was let go.

I'm not too worried about waiting for a mammogram or pelvic exam since I've been good the last few years on those. But I really need to see the ENT guy so that I can get more meds for my allergies. I have to see my urologist & opthamologist yearly. I would like to see the dermatologist again too, as I'm fighting with a very large stubborn callous that won't go away, on my left heel.

Next week, it will be a year since I was let go & also the anniversary of Mom's death. I'll probably get a bit depressed-but maybe not. I should be celebrating that I got out of that toxic work environment. I think I will, maybe I'll bake a cake!


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Hi Chris

good news on the blood obs result - well done.

You've got some awkard anniversaries coming, so hope this time will be ok for you. Will be thinking of you.

Take care

Sci x


It seems so unatural to me to have to consider what healthcare your insurance allows you. Our NHS system here in UK is a bit creaky and there are problems (as you have probably gathered from the howls of fury in some of the posts about not being allowed anti-TNF & biologics), but at least I feel entitled to ask for things. We usually get cervical smears every 3 years, and mammograms every 5 years after 50 + a Dexa scan for free as routine. But unless on benefits have to pay for eye tests and most dentistry, and about £100 year for all our prescriptions.

But anyway, do try to plan something cheery for next week. I had a tree planted for my dad in a beautiful RHS garden, and I always find visiting it quite uplifting as it has grown hugely and the rest of the gardens are so nice.



Sounds like a good appointment - i'm really glad things are improving for you.It sounds like a good idea to bake a cake! Hope your week ahead is not too painful,i will be thinking about you

Take care

Julie x


Good to hear the tests are ok. Losing your mum is very painful as i know. She will be with you in your heart and she will always be there. I lost both of mine in 8mths and it was very painful. I will be thinking of you next week



Great news re the bloods but I am a little shocked that they didn't prescribe folic at the same time, especially as you have to pay for healthcare.

It's so unfair when people have to choose their care based on what insurance will pay, we are so lucky here in the UK.

Beth xx


Well done for overcoming one set of hurdles Christine - I feel similarly to Polly when I hear of your healthcare system and the expense. But at least it sounds thorough - although what were they thinking of not giving you folic acid?! It should make quite a difference.

Anniversaries of deaths of parents are always tough I know. We planted a tree for each of my parents with the ashes buried underneath in our garden here but I feel guilty because the trees are really not thriving. The wind and poor weather conditions here are not favourable to trees anyway but our garden has good, sheltered spots where we already have trees (relatively small ones though) but despite choosing with care they are struggling to survive and we are considering changing the spot to somewhere else. They were planted on a previous rhubarb patch and perhaps that has made the soil too acidic?

Sorry I divert - yes to cake - hope it makes happier over coming days. TT x


Christine, i feel like all the rest of people here, whilst i moan about waiting times and appointments, i so appreciate the nhs. It seems so unfair that your treatment depends on your financial health.


Oh Yes, Christine, go for the cake, make it chocolate, with chocolate fudge frosting, especially an extra glob between layers! I will savour thinking of you enjoying it!

Not that you are celbrating it being a year of having lost your Mom and your job, but congraatulate yourself on becoming even stronger and able to cope.

I didn't loose my job, my arthritis made me quit and apply for Social Security disability. Took a year, but then they did reimburse me for what I had to pay out-of-pocket. The worst part was the separation from my work friends. I was unable to return to work after I was on sick leave, and I felt they all forgot me, didn't mis me, etc. No retirement party, no nice things being said at a banquet..well, that was because, at work, I was the one who organized the parties and dinners, etc. Ha , so nobody took my place. My brother told me I should not feel bad at all, they just found me irreplaceable. Yeah, right.

But time goes on, life goes on, we adapt, and soon enough, realize, we're better off! Enjoy the freedom and having the choice to go somewhere or not. Cheers, Loretxx


oh, I should say that my Mom died 6 years ago, not just last year. It just brings up lots of memories, sad & guilty ones as well as the good times.

I'm still bitter about being let go, it was mostly because of politics, but my hands deforming-led to mistakes, & my brain fog & depression probably sealed the deal. I just feel so useless doing nothing. I want to provide for myself and to feel useful. Sometimes I just feel that I'm taking up space on this earth but I'm not doing my part or giving back to make it better.

My Dr gave me a copy of the x-ray of my left hand & said to show it to my Dad. My Dad wants me to get a part-time job & hounds me about it. My Dr says that I can NOT work with my hands like this. My long finger fake (plastic) MCP joint has 'separated' and is pushing the index finger over too & it will also likely separate off it's fake base soon. I love looking at my x-rays, it's so cool to see inside your body. I can still bend my MCP's about 100 degrees. My hands get so stiff, but I can still bend them-for the most part, at least the joints that haven't been fused.

Oh my, I need to run to an appt, I mustn't be late.

Have a great day.


You are having not a fun time of it. All will get better

Thinking of you xxxxx


Thinking of you x


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