Stress with arthritis and life

Hey all it's been a while since I was last on here but then a lot has been going on put on new drugs coz me n my husband are expecting our 2nd child and my nan has been diagnosed with stomach cancer and there's no treatment they can give her. Been taken off all pain meds and my feet are killing me can barely stand some morning but my rummy doc want see me till I'm 6mnthhs preg I'm only 2 at the moment sorry for the esay had to get it off my chest xxxx

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  • This is an awful lot to cope with charhunt you poor thing. The expecting a baby part is wonderful though - congratulations and I hope this tides you through all the really awful thing such as your nan's cancer and not being able to take pain meds with as much calm as you can muster - for your own and the growing baby's sake. Life is so full of contradictions sometimes isn't it? Especially with RA. X

  • Thank you it is a lot to deal with just hoping the arthritis doesn't play up as much as it did with my first pregnancy as I had SPD aswell n I no I'll get it with this one fingers crossed just not as bad x

  • What is SPD if you don't mind me asking? My babies were born at 6lbs, then 9.10 followed by 9.12lbs. First one I was covered in terrible eczema quite literally from top to toe for the whole 9 months, second and third no eczema at all and totally different pregnancies to the first pregnancy. Both latter two were late arrival big boys as opposed to the first - an early wee tot! Hoping very much that your second pregnancy may also be different and much better than the first. Do take care. X

  • SPD is were ur pelvis softens to much and drops I could barely walk due to that and the arthritis hoping it's diff this time to thanks x

  • Oh yes I did actually have that for all three pregnancies as well but I didn't have the arthritis on top I'm very relieved to say. I think the size of my second two was a big issue and both were back to front so two back pain labours which have caused some early degeneration in my lumber region now. But the thing is that I look at my three young men (two still teens!) and think it was worth everything many times over! Hold onto the end result - unlike the Rheumatoid there's a huge and wonderfully rewarding adventure to focus on if you can. You know this already of course!

  • Hi Twitchytoes

    sorry to jump on the back of this conversation. Did you take MTX before you got pregnant?


  • Yes I did and also the infelixmab infusions

  • Hi Charhunt

    My rheumy wants me to go on MTX but i want to start a family in a few years. I know each experience is unique, but I just wanted to know if you had any problems coming off MTX? If the baby was ok?

    It's one of my main concerns.

    Also, I have hypermobility in my hips and have been warned that SPD can happen. Lots of people have recommended Pilates to strengthen the pelvis to prevent it dropping into the hips.


  • To start a family if u have been on MTX you need to be off it for at least 6mnths before even trying for a baby it was a massive decision me n my husband had to make. Baby was fine she healthy and nearly four my second everything seems to be going ok but I dnt just have arthritis I have other problems to Hun

  • Thanks Charhunt for the reassurance. I'm so sorry to hear you are experiencing other problems. I hope they can be sorted so you can have a comfortable pregnancy. Thinking of you.x

  • No I didn't have any of this to think about pre conception I'm very relieved to say. I'm glad Charhunt has been able to help though. Lots and lots of luck to you both with baby making, pregnancy and life. x

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