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Advice re open lung biopsy

Hi All,

Has anyone had an open lung biopsy and if so how long was the hospital stay and do you have to wait three months before being able to fly?

I am due to go to a wedding in Italy and was waiting until after got test results yesterday to get insurance as I couldn't while under investigation and now need open lung biopsy and specialist has said this could be in the next few weeks!

Really hoping to get to the sunny wedding.

Happy weekend


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Hi Donna. I have never been in this situation thankfully. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with the op, the outcome and getting to Italy for the wedding. If you can't get there for the wedding itself could you instead organise an Italian holiday for yourself for once you've recovered from the biopsy? Just having this to focus on might really help.

Twitchy x


Hi Donna

Like Twitchytoes I would like to wish you well and also to send you this link on open lung biopsy which may give you some answers to the questions you ask. Unfortunately we don't have NRAS information on this topic.

Best wishes



Sorry, forgot the link!!!




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