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MTX and problems

I saw rheumy nurse on Tuesday after lung function tests on Monday, Tests were abnormal and it is now thought that the mtx was causing the cough and as the LF tests was abnormal I have to have CT scan to see how much damage it has caused to my lungs... Only when that result comes back will I know whether I can go back on MTX or will need something else, meanwhile I am suffering pain in knee, which they say needs an injection of steroids into the joint as I cant have tablets or inj in bum as it bumps up the blood sugar and I have just been diagnosed with diabetes... also pain in hands, wrists, fingers, shoulder etc.

Taking naproxen and tramadol but other than making me tired it isnt getting rid of pain and I am once again off work. They cant do the injection until I have been off the blood thinners for 48 hours as there is a risk of bleeding into the joint which will cause more problems and they cant stop it if it starts :(

I have the scan on Sunday and the injection Tuesday and scared stiff... phobia of needles doesnt help at all... :(

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I do feel for you, it's just one thing after the other! At least the problem is now being dealt with, I hope that the scan reveals something that is not too disturbing, and easily sorted.

I have had steroid injections in my knee, there can be a bit of pain, although you get an anaesthetic jab first , but I have no doubt that it is worth a moment of discomfort for the relief that it brings......I've usually had the joint drained at the same time. My rh specialist nurse does it, she's brilliant. Try not to look at the needle, I know that's easier said than done, but in my experience, it's well worth it.

Best of luck with both, I do hope that things improve from now on. M xx


Thank you for replying. I am scared of the steroid injection, |I am scared of needles.... I wont look. I asked the rheumy nurse if there was fluid on my knee and she didnt think there was do no need for draining... the nurse is on hols next week so I dont know who will be doing it...:(


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