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Hi everyone,

Having posted on here several time with various symptoms i have visited my doctor who are going to run tests for a carcinoid tumour. Many of the symptoms i have do fit with this but they also fit with many other conditions.

Flushing and arthritis are part of the symptoms. I wondered if anyone else had been tested for this or diagnosed.



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  • I've not had any experience of this Christine but would like to send my best wishes. Hopefully you'll get some answers soon and the correct treatment. x

  • I guess the flushing and other symptoms could be many things. Maybe this is one to rule out hopefully.



  • I'm sorry Christine no, but I hope the cause of your troubles are soon found, you seem to have been trying to find out just what is wrong for a good while now. Fingers crossed this one comes back negative though. x

  • Yes lets hope so. I went to GP about muscles again and got talking about change in bowels and flushing to face. My daughter had seen simething on net about this condition and Dr agreed to blood and urine tests along with ultra sound scan of stomach area.



  • Accommodating GP! Hopefully it's only a case of rulilng it out. Do let us know once you've had the results won't you?

  • Will do

  • Hi YorkshireGirl,

    Have you ever been referred to a neurologist? If not maybe a new angle may help.


  • Yes i have....did not have a full examination he was very rushed and bloods taken all came back negative.

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