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Test results

Well, just had one result back and it isn't glandular fever. Still waiting on the CCP result, but guess that gp will now refer me to a rheumatologist, don't know, haven't spoken to gp yet. In anyone's experience, for the first appointment, does it make any difference to go private? We are lucky enough to have health care insurance for us all through my husbands job. If you go private can you still get full access to nhs rheumy team, physio, groups etc?

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Nice guidelines say you should get an urgent referral if your gp suspects inflammatory arthritis. I did and was seen within 3 weeks. All on the fabulous NHS :-)


Health care insurance tends to be limited for chronic diseases, so you don't usually get the full works - but depends how comprehensive the scheme is. However there are some treatments (like biologics) that aren't available privately anyway.

But you can twin track it, so start the NHS process and if it looks like a long wait then book a private appointment in the interim. My GP was able to tell me what the waiting time was for the local rheumy, so I knew that would only be 5 weeks. If you do have RA it is important to start drugs as soon as possible, so you might find it worthwhile.


Thank you for your replies,that's really helpful. I think that we have to pay quite a large excess to see a specialist, but it would be worth it if I have to wait like 8 weeks for an appointment. Bit confused at the moment, first gp I saw said that she would refer me on my symptoms regardless of results. But spoke to different gp yesterday on the phone, as I was panicking about pains in my legs and she was a bit dismissive and made me feel silly for calling. Told me it was a viral inflammation and she'd seen lots of cases recently. Obviously I'm hoping it is just a virus, not ra, but they can make you feel like a time waster sometimes and I don't know how far to push for further diagnosis. What if they say its just a virus, and i carry on as normal, and then do too much physical stuff then have another flare further down the line. And if I get referred and its nothing then I'm going to feel like I've wasted everyone's time.


Why don't you wait for the anti-CCP results - shouldn't be more than a few days? If this is even weakly positive, ie over about 20, then there's no excuse for the GP not to refer you. And if it's negative then head straight back to GP and push for more investigations - it's very sloppy for a GP who hasn't even examined you to say "viral inflammation" and not discuss it with you, or offer anything for pain relief & so on.

Try to take it a bit at a time - I well remember that pain & fear made me go completely do-lally when I first got hit by this. Although it's important to get treated ASAP, a day or two here and there won't make much difference.


I know I keep trying to race ahead , I think its too much sitting about, my minds over active and its difficult to concentrate on anything! I always tell other people that there s no point worrying about results until you get them, but its hard. Generally I have had high anxiety about things for the last year or so, especially about the children hurting themselves, which is really unlike me. I used to be calm and collected. I blame my hormones! I am also a very impatient person and I like to just get on with things so this inactivity is soooo frustrating. Don't know how my other half puts up with me.


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