Two old goats

I just thought I would let you all know about this creme I purchased.

I do a lot of research about RA, one site I came across were reviews on a creme called 'two old goats' the reviews were really good saying it help arthritis pain also muscle and ligament pain. I thought I'd try it for myself. I am in a flare which started months ago and due to lots of inflammation in my joints that's very painful itself, my muscles, ligaments and basically the whole joint aches too. I put a small amount of creme on and it really takes the edge off the pain, it non greasy so I even use it on the underneath of my feet. I purchased it from the amazon site - a bit pricey at £20 for a 4 fl. oz. bottle but you only need to use a very small amount. I would honestly recommend it. Hope it works for others :)

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  • I've looked it up and it contains Lavender, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Peppermint & Birch Bark. In a non-greasy goat milk base. I think it would produce some warming of the tissues both rubbing it in and with with the properties of the herbs. And the base would make your skin feels smooth. But it is rather expensive.

  • A bit of warmth and a gentle rub or massage is undoubtedly soothing and can ease pain. But £20? There are cheaper ways.

  • I've tried lots of different remedies alongside my meds and pain relieve, but this works for me. Just takes the edge off for them times of the day when my joints burn and throb, usually morning and evening.

  • You have to go with whatever works for you. There are no miracle cures; no offence intended in my post but £20 can be a big outlay for some one if it doesn't work for them. You sound genuine and not trying to sell a product, occasionally a salesperson gets through onto the forum. Best wishes, hopefully your early morning and evening pain eases.


  • I've never heard of it so googled & it's pretty basic stuff, all have warming & calming properties but I would put anything past your Rheumy before trying just to make sure it won't interact with any of your meds. I'm always wary of anything not available on prescription & not suggested by my Rheumy or GP though so just my opinion. I'm fortunate that my pain is pretty well controlled with my meds & just reach for the arnica gel (ok'd by my Rheumy & poo poo'd by my GP!) which seems to help, particularly with bruising but that's not the reason for you buying it. The price would put me off though, it's like all the moisturisers & stuff that promise the world at a cost, I don't buy those either. ;)

  • I'm not controlled yet, waiting to go on biologics. I'm weaning off steroids ATM and taking pain relief. Tried 3 DMARDS unfortunately none have helped me. My GP & rheumy cannot offer me anything else for now so I'm finding my own stuff ; Epsom salts, hot & cold compression, two old goats etc. I'm so looking forward to that day when I'm controlled and can get a bit of my old life back. I seem to be in a constant flare. 😁😁

  • I can understand why you'd want to try what you can then if you're only on steriods & weaning off those to boot. You'll want any relief you can find I'm sure! If the pain relief isn't helping I'd ask if it could either be increased or another tried. You'll need something if you're not on anything whilst you wait for them to approve you for biologics, please don't suffer more than you have to.

    I hope you react positively to whichever biologic you are waiting for so as you say you can get a bit of your old life back, let's hope it's a life changer.

  • Biologics have been approved, appointment 21st April. But I had all my tests done ready for this and blood was found on my urine😳so this has to be investigated before I get the go a head. Just waiting for a quick app for a scan to investigate. Hopefully it will be done and everything clear before the 21st. My GP prescribed me stronger co codomal this morning, but doesn't reduce the inflammation. I've also been on anti inflammatories recently But doesn't even reduce it. I really hope biologics work for me. There's not much else after that as I've tried 3 different DMARDS. my feet and wrist are terrible at the mo, can barely walk and or even wash myself. 😪😪

  • I do hope it doesn't delay things. But at least there are options if the first doesn't work, it's not the end of the line. Makes me feel fortunate I respond well to MTX even if my latest increase has made me anaemic, that's easily sorted!

    Good luck for the 21st.

  • Thank you :)

  • My nan really suffers with her RA :( She has no other health concerns at 96 which is amazing but the RA really limits her, she has had steroid injections into her knees etc and nothing helps, but I am really interested in your suggestion. Thank you, it may just relieve it a bit for her. :)

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