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Mothers day

Mothers day

I hope you have all had a lovely mothers day. I went out for a meal and to say it was noisy was putting mildly. My daughter knew the people who own the pub let me bring a bowl of profiteroles home instead of sitting there in the noise,which was in their favour. I felt awful by the time i got out of there. Am sitting down now watching telly with my hubby.

I spent the morning on my own as my hubby and daughter was on parade and it was a place i couldn't really go to. I felt very sad as i realised what life will be like if anything happens to my hubby and i would be on my own with these diseases and i would see no one. My friends called round this afternoon which cheered me up. Never mind i am happily sitting here with hubby. Hugs to

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Pleased to hear you were spoilt today. I also was spoilt to huge dinner out and pressies. What more could a women want?? Big hug on it's way xxxxxx

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Enjoy the now Sylvie not the what might be xxx happy Mother's Day c


I'm pleased you were treated to lunch out Sylvi even though it took it out of you. Please don't think so bleakly of the future, it doesn't do to dwell on what may or what may be. I've been there & it's depressing & more than a tad frightening. We've no children & I lay there each night going through the what if's whilst my h was in hospital & glad he's through it & I don't have to face it just yet. I've told him I'm going first! Hugs & x


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