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Day five

Good news everyone doctor has said hubby can come home tomorrow. One more night in bed on my own and he'll be in with me. Still ache like hell,but feel brighter just knowing he is coming home. He now knows what i did on saturday. Had to tell him when i felt and had a look at my knee as it was sore. I knew i had grazed it,but it hurt and when ilooked at it there was a bruise and thats how he found out.

I know its early but i'm going to get something to eat and then i'm going to bed to rest. Thank you all who asked about both of us and kept me going it means an awful lot to know there are people out there you have never met yet care more than those who are closest.

Thanks everyone. sylvia. xx

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Thank you lavenderlady,i will rest easy now. the photo is said hubby. i manage to put this story up twice,but this one had photo on it. Sylvia. xx


Rest up now both of you!and recover together together xx


Glad you've had some good news at last

Both of you take care now and look after each other




Pleased you're soon to be re-united. Me and Anne were married in 1968 and have never been a day apart. A bit like a swan - if anything happened to her I'd be pretty useless and would probably just pine. The older I get the more I realise how precious she is and that I don't know what I could have done to deserve such luck. Our children have fled the nest now, both dogs and the cat have died and of course mother went just before Xmas in 2009 aged 109. So that leaves just the two of us rattling about in the old village farmhouse. I just hope I'm the first to go when the time comes. Hopefully that'll be a while yet as MTX has made me feel years younger than I was three years ago.


Bencorde,i'm hopeless without bob,he does most of looking after me. My daughter is still at home and she has been marvelous these last five days despite having a job. She has made sure that i've eaten and have had a bath safely before going to work. My son is usually about but at the moment he is working on the cruise ships for six months. We've been married 28yrs now and he still works bless him. He might retire this next year i don't know,he's 68yrs and his choice to work. I think that as long as he is happy then he should carry on,i don't say what i'm going say with malice or anything horrible,but it gives him a bit of a break from me and my illnesses and it benefits me as he brings home stories from work about people who he meets in the course of his working day.

Thanks sylvia.xx


Hope your hubby feels better soon lovely pic take care of yourselves x


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