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I am going through a rough time of it latterly. I broke my ankle in May and after six weeks the plaster came off and i was put in a boot for support. Well now it is killing me. I am sitting here with a bag of peas on it at the moment.

The heat and humidity has been playing havoc with my RA as well. That has been so painful i haven't known where to put myself just latterly. The extremes of the heat crease me up every time.I am sitting here on a glorious day with the curtains pulled shut and sitting on my recliner resting.

On a good note,my son and his wife have moved out and got themselves a little place of their own. They have rented a lovely ground floor flat. It is ideal for their needs. Our house seems quieter and tidier as well. I don't miss my son leaving the toilet seat up all the time. LOL. Hubby has been down the allotment and came back with so much vege we would never be able to eat it all.

So here is a lovely hug for all of you and is anyone is suffering take two hugs.xxxxxx

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  • As I said I other post sending you good health. Good news about getting the house back to yourselves , you lovebirds !

  • Yeee right we are too old to do anything about it these days darling.xxxx

  • Lol, I know tho you two are loved up! Hope you feel better soon x

  • Ha ha ha ha ha. xxxx

  • Hi Sylvi - so sorry you never seem to get any respite from pain. The sun is even out up here now and I have my young niece visiting us so we have a house full of teenagers leaving toilet seats up or locked in the bathroom having hour long showers so there's no hot water left for me or my hubby! Take care and I hope this recovering leg does actually recover properly sometime very soon. Twitchy x

  • Thank you

  • I sent my wishes for you on allanahs eh up post but it remains the same sylvi. Good news about the fledglings though! x

  • Sylvie, so sorry to hear you're not doing so well at the moment.

    Hugs to you. You're obviously in need of some.

    Thinking of you, hope you feel better soon.

    Carolyn xxxx

  • Thank you Carolyn. Xxxx

  • Well hun late as normal. Nice peaceful house for you both. Hubby will have to down size his veg plot!!!! Sending you a healing hug xxxxx

  • Christine i have spent the afternoon down the hospital with my ankle. It was so swollen and sore. The good news there is no infection in it. I was so close to being admitted into hospital as they had put the wristband for admitting me. It is still sore,but they are giving me some painkillers to pick up tomorrow and they gave me some tramadol to tide me over

  • Sure hope new pain killers work well hun. Hate how much your suffering. Well it's my turn to look silly tomorrow. I will be sitting with my area manager. To try to get a wage increase. thing is i need to know about all sorts things. Been doing some revising hell think i should go and hide tomorrow!!!

    Think i will go and see were i get nothing ventured nothing gain. Now back to revising xxxxx

  • Oh my darling i do hope you get a raise you deserve it as you have worked hard for it. I will be fine darling don't worry my

  • Gentle hugs to you Sylvi, this heat is too much !! I am also sat inside, blinds closed, fans on etc. we've also had glut of veggies and fruit, given loads away. We have had pounds of strawberries, I made 6 jars of jam last week. I did not really feel up to doing it but then I remembered how nice it is to open a jar in the middle of winter, cheers me up then, so I made the effort. I expect you are missing your son and his wife, I howled for weeks when our youngest moved out, mind you, I would not have any of my three back now. Funny thing is, I love having our 11 yr old grandson to stay, he makes me laugh and cheers me up no end !!

    Hope your ankle gives you some relief soon, hugs, lynda x

  • Lynda see my reply to Miss and you will see i spent the afternoon down the hospital. Will post a blog tomorrow as i have only just got

  • Sylvi, Oh no, hope those painkillers help a bit, though I doubt you'll get much sleep tonight. Thinking of you, and hoping you can get some pain relief soon, lynda x

  • Hi Sylvi, so sorry to hear you're having a bad time. Sending you all my best wishes for a speedy recovery. Big hugs x x

  • Thank you all very much. Will chat with you tomorrow as i am tired. Xxxx

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