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Mixing drugs?

Hi everyone, advise please.

I have been on methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine now for 8 weeks. The lovely steroid injection I had is now long worn off and I started really hurting last night and tonight very bad bearly walking on one leg my knee is so bad.

My question is can you take naproxen on top of what I'm already on?

I took the naproxen before I started on the above concoction.

Thanks x

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Hi Cat111

I have started taking Methotrexate today. The Dr told me not to take Naproxin and Ibuprofen as they are both non steroidal meds and they do not mix with the Methotrexate.

For pain he gave me Tramadol.

Hope this helps.



Thank you yes i wasn't sure but I remember now you've said. I think half of what my rheumatologist said went in one ear and out of the other.


It's best to ask your own GP or Rheumy as to what they advise re pain relief. They're the ones that know your medical history so can say what is ok for you and what isn't, as it's not necessarily the same for everyone. Age, weight, general health and things like blood pressure/cholesterol can make a difference as to what things are really not a good combination, as well as other medical conditions.

Personally I am prescribed a non-steroidal along with the three DMARDS I'm on (MTX, Hydroxy & Sulpha) as this is the "least worst" combination for me. But it may not be the same for you, so do phone and ask. Hopefully it won't be long before you don't need much pain relief, but in the meantime don't suffer unnecessarily as there are all sorts of options that might work for you.


Thank you. X


My mum is on 15mg weekly MTX and 1000mg daily of naproxen, she's bern on them years, over ten at least. Of course she takes a stomach to let to protect her from irritation, but other than thst she swears by the naproxen.


Me too. I have had RA for over 20 years and have always taken naproxen with whichever DMARD I have been prescribed . At the moment that's lefluomide but was on mtx for over 10 years. However I do agree it is always best to check with your gp or rheummy.


I think this is one to be answered by your Rheumy Cat111. I've had 4 different NSAIDs since diagnosis & still taking etoricoxib with MTX. You will find it written up that NSAIDS shouldn't be used with MTX certainly but that's generally when taking higher doses than when it's used as a DMARD. I've also tried HCQ & MTX double therapy in the past & was prescribed celecoxib & nabumetone alongside, I've had meloxicam too but I would check with your Rheumy or nurse to make sure that you can take your naproxen.


Thanks every one.

I was advised when I stated the mtx not to take naproxen but after ringing the nurses they said it's not advised for long term but for me to take it till they could see me for another steroid injection next week.

Taking that much stuff it's all a bit confusing at first.

Thanks everyone x


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