Sub cut methotrexate

I read on here somewhere about mthx pens and how to use them--- but can I find it?? Can I heck!! So even though it is a topic recently discussed can I please ask it again? My pens are being delivered on friday- has any one any ideas on how to use them--- I presume you just pinch flesh and "" stick it in"" How do you dispose of the needle? Are the empty pend collected? Thanks x

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  • i think this is the post:

  • Can you contact your delivery company and make sure they send you a sharps bin as well? That's how mine works, and when it's full I tell them and on the next delivery the bring me a new empty one and take the old one away.

    But not very good if whoever's prescribing you the MTX hasn't gone through all this thoroughly with you!

    But the actual injection is really easy.

  • Thanks Helix--- my spec nurse is brill and only a phone call away but knew I'd remembered seeing something on here. If I can't manage it I know she'll do it for me but thought I'd give it a go. X

  • Was it my post Jacki? If so you'll find it here

    I must say I found the first one easy though my second one with the pen is due tomorrow & I'm in no doubt which side I injected last week, I've still got the bruise!

    You should be supplied a purple lidded sharps box. The pens will go in there & you'll need to ask where you take the box once it's full, my GP Practice take mine though so will the chemists I use for all my meds. Let me know if you need any extra info. x

  • Thanks NMH---- the pens will be too big to fit in my sharps bin so I'll ring today and check they supply one xx

  • I spoke too soon, had a misfire with mine just now. It did eventually stick me but not without releasing some of the MTX. #messy

  • Ooopps---- so what do you do now? How do you top up? Defford going to the nurse now----- although my neighbour works in IT at Royal Preston---think I might ask her to stab me!! Xx

  • Not much I can do. Too much injected to dd & it was only my second 17.5mg dose so not too worried about it. The more important blood results will be towards April anyway.

    Yes, that's a good plan, I'm sure the IT dept have regular injection training classes!! :P

  • You should have a nurse train you in this. Some have it done by the Rheumy nurse, but the company I get the injections from (Alcura) sent a nurse to my house after injections were delivered, to watch me do my first jab. However, here is a video which might help:

  • Thank you Poems --think I will ask the nurse--- don't mind doing it----- no choice anyway lol--- but think I'll check just to be sure x

  • I have had 3 injections with the pen at the Rhumertoid clinic in front of a nurse 1 more still do then I get signed of and will be able to have injections sent to my home. the nurses show you how to check doses and I got given a bloods check booklet with as Rhumertoid nurses contact number I'm sure the doctors or nurses will go through everything with you before the medication is dropped off hope all goes well

  • Hi am on 10mg mthx pen it's easy to do is just a pinch they will give you a Clinical waste bin to dispose of d needle when is full they will collect it fr you good luck.

  • Thanks x

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