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Methotrexate pens not available - nor are syringes!

Has anyone else found this - I've been put back on tablets as my pharmacist can no longer get metoject syringes and the pens are out of stock! Bit annoyed as that means my dose has had to be reduced as I can't tolerate more than 20mg in tablet form - and then of course you absorb less of the active ingredients. Grr.

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No! Eeekk... Hope it doesn't become widespread as tablets don't suit me either.


My hospital put them on prescription from a place that delivered not through my pharmacy thet contacted me before the weeks I got ran out with new delivery day


I live in Canada and yes had same issue. One of the syringe companies stopped making the smaller needle and when I went to Shoppers Drug Mart they said "we are all out" and "the manufacturer stopped making those" they called to other SDMs but seems all the pharmacies were sold out in my area. I called WalMart pharmacy and they gave me a different brand ( diabetic) syringe that has the shorter needle and I now use those.

I wondered why the shortage? And why would s manufacturer just stop making only the short subcantanious needles. Very strange indeed.


No, I cannot take MTX tablets either. I find what has happened to you totally unacceptable. Hope you can get back with the injections. Can your GP intervene? Good luck. x


Not quite the same as it wasn't due to the switchover to pens but when I was living in Spain there was a shortage in 2012 & my pharmacy tried all of their suppliers to get hold of mine to no avail so had to search round all the local pharmacies who kindly in turn also phoned their suppliers. I was fortunate & for the month the shortage was on I managed to get one each week even though some came from a different region (you can't hold stock at home so have to have a script each week for them). I was told by my Consultant if I couldn't get my script filled to phone my Rheumy nurse & she'd inject me from their supplies so it may be worth asking yours if that's an option rather than going back to tablets if you really suffer the side effects of tablets.

Hope this tale makes sense, brain fog today!


Hi im sorry to hear that but Addernbrooks hospital gave me the pens last week and i had no trouble getting a repeat prescription from my local chemist, also do try loyds chemist. they have been brilliant.


I go to pick mine up tomorrow so I will see what happens.............


Wow I didnt think pharmacists could change the method of delivery but then I live in AU and it may be different here. My pharmacy typically never has what I want but they call the warehouse and it get it within 24hrs. If they dont have it then they ring the mainland and get it in within 48hrs (at their expense).

Can they get in the vials and syringe method? We dont have the metoject pens so thats what I use. Its a bit old fashioned now but sounds like Im better off if you cant get the pens anyway.

I think I'd be asking the pharmacy to get it in from the nearest biggest town and if not, use vials as the method makes a huge difference to how its absorbed. The tablets were not absorbed in the gut at all in me so we thought MTX wasnt working but after changing to the injections, I have been good. I still have problems but its a lot less and well worth injecting.

Good luck!


Thanks everyone - I should clarify a couple of things so as not to confuse people I think! I'm in the UK and the European Union has decreed that all self administered injections must now be do so via a pen type format, hence the phasing out of pre-filled syringes here.

My pharmacist spoke to my Dr before changing my prescription back to tablets - they can't change them without authority.

The good news is my pharmacist has managed to get his hands on two 'old style' pre-filled syringes so I am ok for a couple of weeks - phew! Think he had to do a fair bit of ringing around to find them for me so I'm very grateful to him!


If it's anything like my experience read "can't change them without authority" as "unless your Rheumy sanctions it we'll only prescribe tablets because they don't make such a dent in our prescribing budget". When I had my meds represcribed for the first time by my Practice here in the UK tablets were automatically listed & had to fight my corner to continue on injections. They eventually relented after I played the shared care card & my Rheumy & nurse specialist getting involved. I don't known if you're aware but 15mg of tablets NHS cost is £2.22 for a months supply compared to £66.28 for 4 15mg pre-filled injections.

I'm pleased your Pharmacist managed to get you a couple of injections, little point in taking a backward step on tablets is there? ;)

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