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Mtx to sulphasalazine

Not sure what to Rheumy has suggested this morning that I consider stopping mtx & switching to sulphasalazine as I am getting a lot of infections lately meaning I'm missing my mtx dose 50% if the time. I know nothing about this drug /side effects etc & would value your opinions on whether it's worth trying out? thanks

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Hello Babes

Dmard medications suppress your immune system With RA the immune system attacks the inflicted joints. These medications will suppress the bodies immune system when it comes to illness. So they need to choose a DMARD that will suit your RA contraindications.



Hi B, yes this happened to me as certain disease modifying drugs made me more prone to infections . I too got changed to sulphasalasine snd found it helpful.

It's definately worth being on a dmard as it amazingly can change the activity of the disease and not many conditions are lucky enough to have this option.

There's loads of advice on the NRAS website re drugs etc. It's often a case of getting one that suits you, as the one I take may suit you but not me, so a bit of " tinkering" is sometimes called for ( if that's the tight word!)

Do call your Rheumy nurse or the Nras helpline if you need to chat xx and good luck x


Hi shaziebabes,

Please do call the helpline if you want to talk about other DMARDs, otherwise I have put a link to the section of our website that talks about medication:

Hope this helps

Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


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