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I am new to the site so hello everyone.Can someone give me advice please,I only get low rate DLA for personal care but as RA has got worse over the time I wanted to put in a renewed claim,would I then be put on this PIP and how difficult is it to get?

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Hiya coffeeat20. Welcome to this our happy band of RDers! Sort of, yes. DLA has been replaced by PIP for ongoing or new claims. I'm in receipt of PIP, though unlike you I didn't have the crossover from DLA basically because I'd never needed help previously & the changeover had already happened in my area. Others may be able to help you better from their experience of going from DLA to PIP but as I understand it if your circumstances change (as in your case) you need to contact the DWP to inform them of your changes, or, you wait until you receive your renewal letter, this is when you will be sent notification, a date to attend reassessment for PIP. You don't say where in the country you live but you may find this link, which applies to England, useful, there is lots more info there for you adviceguide.org.uk/england/.... If you live in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland just use the drop down box for your country, different advice applies dependant on where you live.

As I say I've not had DLA so I'm unable to compare assessments but I do know the PIP one is very thorough!

Good luck!

Thanks it is very off putting.it is hard for people with RA some days are good then you have really bad days.

Hi Coffeeat20

For those who are under 65, if you put in a renewed claim, you will be 'invited' (strange choice of word) to apply for PIP. I'm on DLA, and have no experience with PIP, but from what I have read, many people have problems and some have been refused, then need to appeal against the decision. The following link may be of help:


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Thank you,it does to me see such a stupid way of deciding who gets it and who does not.

Hi coffeeat20,

NRAS has a publication dedicated to just PIP which can be downloaded off our website nras.org.uk/publications/ho... or requested over the phone by post 0845 458 3969.

Hopefully there will be others on here who have been through the process who can give their thoughts or do try the NRAS Helpline if you need any further assistance 0800 298 7650.

With best wishes


Thank you ,I think this new system is un fair to people who RA

I think if I was in your shoes, I'd be doing a bit of a check of the PIP criteria just to make sure there was a chance I'd get it before I asked for a review. As someone else has said, if you are on DLA right now, but ask for a review because of changed circumstances, then you will be applying for PIP not DLA, and its quite different criteria in a lot of areas - which means you may find you end up with less. If the new PIP criteria don't work particularly well for you, then you might be just as well sticking with the DLA until they make you move to PIP. You could ask to see the disability advisor at CAB and discuss it with them before you make your decision, as they are well up on the new criteria and what is different.

Thanks your probably right

The Benefits and Work website is very useful.

I am on the care side of DLA at the high rate they did at first put me on the low rate (to try to save them some money no doubt) one thing I did learn was never give up!. Your RA will not stop the same you can have good and bad days tell them more about your bad days after all you are the one in pain after I applied again they phoned me and said I would be placed on the high rate. All this leads to the one point they want you to give up keep fighting them do not accept there version of things good luck in your fight keep the faith

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Ah thanks

Hello there, I too am in exactly the same position as you, I receive low rate care DLA but through my local advice centre, GP, hospital consultant and with my disease progressing at an alarming rate I am trying to apply for the higher rate with the advice centres help. They wrote to the DLA on my behalf and I have been sent a DLA claim pack asking me to complete and return it to them - this is the continuation of DLA not PIP!

PIP doesnt come in yet for me probably until next year or maybe the year after. Do you have an advice centre near you to support you?

So I do believe its different for individuals and based on how long your claim has been going on but I certainly would get advice, it is out there you have to try to find out more info.

Good luck, I hope you get what you deserve xx

It depends on if it's been rolled out & replaced in your area beckybooboo. benefitsandwork.co.uk/perso... gives the areas & when PIP replaces DLA. My area was one of the first, in April 2013

Thanks for that,I think it is so unfair the system.

It's certainly flawed in many areas. I don't know if you've seen any of my past posts with you being new to us here but my journey to being awarded it hasn't been a smooth one & I'm not alone!

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