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Slow process

So I finally get the phone call from the rheumatologist, he has said that I have carpel tunnel, plantar faciitis in both feet and now wants a blood test done for gout! He said there is definately something underlying with all these and he isnt happy to diagnose RA without xrays and scans done, so I have to wait for a hospital appointment now! More waiting and now im on the dreaded tramadol which are helping with some pain but certainly not all of it, hugs to every one and I hope you are all as well as you can be x jackie x

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I think that's a topsy turvy way of diagnosing, don't you? I wasn't diagnosed here (all my testing & diagnosis was done the same day) but it seems to me that it would be better if the initial bloods show there's a chance you may have something autoimmune going on to have the testing done, at least x rays, before seeing your Rheumy & then he can determine just what's going on he can start treatment at initial consultation. I would think it's better time management just seeing him the once & advantageous insofar as starting on meds given they take some time to reach full potential. As it is now you've still not started your meds. If he determines from x rays further more expensive testing is necessary to confirm diagnosis then order any more imagery then.

Did your Rheumy not suggest an anti inflammatory to help in the meantime? Your pain may ease somewhat if you have one, dampening down your inflammation should relieve your pain & that should help you from being less reliant on tramadol. It might be an idea to ask your GP if he could prescribe one for you in the interim. If he's agreeable do remember to stop taking it a few days before your testing so they show your Rheumy images without intervention, your inflammation at it is best!


Hi Jackie--- sorry to here you still having such a horrid time--- all the waiting for diagnosis is stressful and won't help your symptoms at all. Think I've said before that all my blood tests are always normal--- but after insisting - ( nicely!!!) on a scan of my hands-- RD was diagnosed. I also had bi lateral carpal tunnel which has improved immensely since the mtx has reduced the inflammation in my body. Keep pushing and pushing for answers---- remember it's YOUR body that is feelingYOUR pain xx


Hi Jackie, if you can, try to push for an X-ray as it can give definative answers if you have RD or not.

My doctor puttered around for over three years trying to figure out what was wrong with me, treating each symptom like a seperate issue, instead of putting it all together.

I got really mad, was about to quit the doctor and find a new one, and my GP finally referred me to a Rheumatologist. He immediately sent me for X-rays, ultrasounds and blood tests and was quickly diagnosed.

Xrays should be one of the first things done. even if an X-ray doesn't show anything, you can certainly still have RD, but likely in the beginning stages before any bone damage is done. I am hoping your doctors will work with you, get you diagnosed and on a treatment plan. It must be so frustrating living in a kind of limbo.

omce you get s diagnosis at least you will know what your dealing with.

*not saying xrays are the only thing to give you definitive proof but I believe X-ray would be one if the very first things they do, other than a blood test.


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