Have just been to see my consultant and he has agreed to let me try injections for methorexate when I see the rummey nurse on 17th feb. I am hoping this will stop me being sick and feeling sick 5 days out of 7 and stop the stomach pains.

I have just had a flare up last week and no amount of pain relief was helping, so in the end went to see the doctor and he moved my steroids up to 10mg instead of 7.5mg. I was hoping he was going to up them to 30mg, but he seemed like he did not want to go against the rummey nurse. This is the first flare up since I have been on this medication, and have been on it since Oct last year. I have gone back down to 7.5mg of steroids again as it is under control once again.

My consultant seemed pleased with me as in all my blood tests are back to normal and inflation has dropped, my fingers are still swollen but am not thank goodness in lots of pain, just moderate pain.

Just wanted to share this with you all.

Hope everyone is doing ok today. take care

Carol x

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When I moved onto mtx inj the sickness stopped, also I took 6/7 folic acid, hope this helps


hi thanks for your reply Lain, I take only 1 folic acid every day but 2 on day before and day after mtx. will ask about maybe taking more folic acid when see rummey nurse in Feb. I am hoping the sickness stops.

Take Care.

Carol x


Hope it stops for you, 6 folic acid seems normal for a lot I know, plus taking 2 folic acid has the same effect as 1 Carol, oh and my name is Iain pronounce ee-ann lol, hope you're feeling better soon


I've been far better on injections, over 5 years now, better still taking 5mg folic acid every day except MTX day. I hope you react as well as I did & certainly worth questioning your nurse if an increase would ease your symptoms even more.

I hope it starts having a noticeable effect sooner rather than later. By the way I take 15mg but still on low dose steroids.


I take 20mg by injection, changed from pills aftera few months 5+ years ago. It really helped with the nausea, , mouth ulcers, etc, even more when folic acid increased to every day excepft MTX day,

Unfortunately, since starting humira 6 months ago, these side effects have gradually returned with a vengeance. I wonder if anyone else has the same problem

I hope it does the trick for you, best of luck! M x


Thank you for your kind words. I hope so too, hope it stops the sickness and feeling sick. Last night my sickness woke me up from my slumber and had to ask my son to quickly bring up the bucket. just made it but also had horrid stomach ache, could not get off the bed was in so much pain. Decided to ring work early morning around 1ish to be met by a answering machine and could not leave a message as no one would hear it. had no phone numbers for anyone cause think all have changed numbers. So had to go into work this morning feeling dreadful. when I broached the subject that I felt so ill I was told I have to ring in the night before if I am ill. But I said I was not ill last night only this morning. So there is no way around this. Am not in tomorrow as have swopped my days off and return on monday. my boss said if you are ill ring up the night before I am ill to say will be ill the next day! Stupid answer!

Hope everyone is having a better day today and hope everyone takes care.

Carol xx


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