Think I might have shingles!?

A couple of days ago I noticed a small patch of raised rash on the inside of my right buttock, which has since spread downward in a sort of irregular broken line. I can't see it myself but my wife says it looks angry with small blisters, a few of which have puss in them. We've looked at some shingle images and my wife reckons the rash is similar to a couple of photos. It's not painful at the minute, it just stings a very slightly. Obviously I'll phone my GP in the morning to see what he has to say. I'm currently on enbrel and methotrexate. Do you think I'll have to stop taking both meds if it is shingles?

I knew I shouldn't have tempted fate by posting on a recent thread by nomoreheels shouting from the rooftops about how good things were going for me..won't be doing that again in a hurry!......

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  • Sorry if I was party to this if it is shingles Wishy...but if you're quick about it hopefully he'll prescribe an antiviral. Think it's 72 hours but he might consider it necessary if it's over that with you having a compromised immune system. Flippin' 'eck, just before Christmas too!

    I don't know much about biologics but I'm pretty sure they'll want you to stop MTX so it stands to reason your Enbrel will probably have to be withdrawn too, if it's that easy, it is a weekly injection isn't it?

    I hope it is not for your sake but if it is I hope it's not too severe. Let us know what he says. x

  • You've got nothing to apologise own fault for hijacking your thread! ;)

    Think I've had it for over 72 hrs..unfortunately it's not in a place where it's easily noticed. :) My GP knows the score about seeing me straight away because of suppressed immune system. Will post after I've seen him.......

    Thanks heelsy

  • Hopefully he'll give you an antiviral then...sounds as though he's up to speed with your situation. Look forward to your update. x

  • Appointment's at 4.20pm.. can't complain at that.

  • Brilliant, keep us in the picture. We had good news this morning, my h only has a 6 to 8 week wait for his quadruple heart bypass & on the cancellation list so could be sooner!

  • That's great news for Christmas! You and h must be mighty relieved to hear that.

    Good news for me too..I don't have shingles. See my post below.......

  • Thank you Wishy...we are, we'd been told previously we I'd be looking at a 6 month wait! Will look for your update, that's great too! x

  • I had shingles a couple of years ago. Diagnosed very quickly so got the antiviral a. Needed some steroids as was in my hairline so face very puffy. However on methotrexate and drugs were not altered at all. Back to work in a week. Make sure you see your GP asap for the antivirals to be used. Good luck.

  • Glad it's on my bum then! :)

    I'm praying they don't stop my meds if it is shingles.

    Thanks aliCat

  • I currently have shingles in the same place I had to stop my enbrel but keep taking my steroid tablets you will be prescribed antiviral drugs and I now have to see my gp every three days to monitor my health and the shingles.

  • Thanks taji, I hope your health improves and the shingles clears up soon.

  • Thankfully I don't have shingles. My GP thinks the rash is caused by a cold sore type virus and has prescribed antivirals. I did think after that it might not be shingles as I've heard it can be very painful and this thing just stings slightly.

    Thanks for your replies everyone

  • That is good news Wishy! Hope the antiviral keeps it a bay & you can enjoy you Christmas. :)

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