Bloody fantastic

To everyone who may be having a flare! Especially in the knees! Have a shower, not a bath, a shower. Yes I know its difficult to actually stand straight but it works absolute wonders. I have a really bad flare at the moment and I just had a shower, my knee feels like a weight has been lifted off. Its still swollen and a little painful but so much better, I can actually straighten my knee! Honestly I am so happy. Please, please, try this and I hope it works as well for you as it did for me! Good luck you lovely, brave people x

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  • Hi am so glad you got some relief hun if i get it in my knees i will give it a try thanks for advice take care ,x

  • I usually wake about 2.30am with awful pain and stiffness in my knees. Unfortunately I've not been able to use the bath for a couple of years as I'd never manage to climb out but I do find a hot shower very relieving. x

  • When I can manage the bath, I find it more soothing than a shower. But glad it has made such a difference to you.

  • Brilliant, will try that !

  • I do find a shower in the morning does help to kickstart the system but that is still 1 - 2 hours after i first get up.

  • I had my bath removed as showers are so much better to use now. I have a separate shower stool for when I need to sit down and we installed grab rails that look like rails for flannels.

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