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Whoever has that knife in my shoulders please remove it!

3am and havnt had a wink of sleep. Feels like some hss a knife in mmy shoulder and keeps ttwisting it. Ive had my daily ration of paracetamol and codeine but do desperate have gone onto tramadol (even though it makes me dizzy snd sick), but still the pain is not subsiding. And I have to b up in 4 hours to go to work (teaching IT to 18 level 1 college students.

Someone pleae knock me out :-(

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I do't have an anser for you as i have been down here since just after 1am. Yesterday was a very very bad day yesterday.The worst since i have been diagnosed with ra and 18mths ago with fibro.I didn't know where to put myself yesterday at all and i ended up sobbing my heart out. ven now my joints are sore. I use paracetamol and two types of tramadol. One is a slow release and the other is a quick one. I have been asleep,but iit hasn't done anything for the pain sadly. I think the more you worry about it the worse it gets. I go through spells where i can't sleep so i come down here so hubby can get some sleep and i spend a bit of time on my laptop and i find i go off gently to sleep. I am not sure if this is of any use to you,but i do feel for you especially as you have a job to fo to later. Are you able to have power naps before and during your day if so i would take them.

Here's hoping that you have had some sleep.


Poor you. Your description is brilliant - it brought back the shoulder pain of as yet undiagnosed RA about 17 months ago - lasted a few months and used to make me wake in the night crying out in pain, and wake my husband too. I think I must have been subconsciously blaming him for stabbing me in the back or something. I hope you take the day off work. It sounds like inflammation so you should see your GP about it asap and perhaps confirm that you should either have a guided steroid injection or take Naproxen or something anti-inflammatory. Pain relief by itself is obviously not enough for you. Hope it resolves soon. Tilda xx


Its wierd how the pain goes from manageable to unbearable so quickly sometimes. I am on my own at the moment as my daughter is away so it took me a while to get up and dressed but it is easing slightly now so will head to work but just warn my boss that I might not manage a full day.

If it comes back as severe later then I will go gp and request injection in the worst shoulder. It is mtx injection today too so that might help.

Thanks for the support.


Been there so can understand, Sylvi does what I do, get up and

make a cuppa and get on the computer, I look up all sorts (legal

of course!) and after some time I am so tired I fall asleep, often

in my recliner.

When I am unable to sleep I feel I am at least using the time to


One thing I find helps with shoulder pain is, I sit on the edge of the bed

bend over and let my arms hang loose, after a while the pain gets easier.

Another thing that helps me with pain is, making saliva in the mouth, saliva

has a natural painkiller in it. I must look a pretty sight arms swinging and

mouth moving non stop.

wishing you well.



Thanks - I do seem to remember something along those lines. My physio gave me various band exercises so I totally forgot the swing. Will try this tonight :-)

Ps I was wondering what u meant about saliva had visions of u bent over swinging arms whilst spitting at your shoulders for one minute!


I didn't know that about saliva Gazelle - good job I've not had much pain for a while as I've not got much saliva these days either!? A GP told me to do hanging thing that when my shoulders were bad and it did alleviate the pain a bit I recall. Tilda x


I can sympathise speak to gp for better pain killers and a physio too if you can x


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