Well, I had the first injection of Humira and boy, did it hurt?????? They did it at the hospital so I couldn't make sure that it was out of the fridge for 30 minutes beforehand. I hope that if I do that for the next one, it won't sting so much. I hadn't intended to have the injection because I scared myself stupid last night reading of the side effects. But the doctor persuaded me so we will see what happens. Just a question - how soon can I expect it to start to work? Clemmie

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  • \MY FIRST Injection will be FRIDAY!! I am SCARED TOO! SO.. Hang in there and I will be here and hope to see your replies and any of your updates.. I will try and get my update on here too this weekend! :D Good LUCK and I will be back to check on you and see what you have to say and the others have to say in your replies! :D

  • Hi Thomas, my worries were for the side effects and I've been alright so far, fingers crossed! The injection really stung but as soon as the needle was removed there was no pain at all. Hope it goes well for you on Friday. Clemmie

  • Thank YOU Barrister for your kindness and encouraging words ! That was VERY NICE OF YOU!! I had such a horrible experience with Methotrexate side effects that I am a little apprehensive about new medicines, but dont' get me wrong, I Am GOING TO BE OPTIMISTIC!! :D I KNOW Humira will be a BETTER EXPERIENCE and continue to stay positive in thoughts and help out my father as much as possible! (He has suffered with R.A. for over 30 years now and he is a TRUE INSPIRATION and TROOPER!! .. and Methotrexate works VERY WELL FOR HIM!! )

  • I started Humira back in June. The nurse observed me doing the first injection. I was so nervous about it that all I could do is hold my thumb on the trigger and let out a nervous laugh. But I was able to get it done. It burned as I held the needle in place for the prescribed 10 seconds, but did not last long. Since then I have learned to not let it intimidate me!! It took about 3 months to kick in and I now feel almost normal! I was able to stop hydroxychloroquine and reduce my leflunomide dose. I hope this isn't just a dream!!

    All the best to both of you!

  • Thank YOU shareasmile !! I did my FIRST Humira injection Friday..SHEEW! I was SO NERVOUS!! I was shaking a little.. When I started the injection I held the button and looked up and the nurse said she could see it in my face after about 3 seconds the burn, she said my eyes lit up ! LOL!! YES, the sting was quite like being forced to hold a bee there and allowing it sting you , but after the 10 seconds... IT was OVER! :D no site reaction! :) EXCITED! Looking forward to 3 months from now, seems to be the average wait time for improvement, but ready and WILLING! THANK YOU FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT and KIND WORDS! :D Means SO MUCH ! And like you said, I hope this isn't just a dream either ! :) GOOD Thoughts and Positive ENERGY BEING SENT YOUR WAY!

  • I'm so glad that it went well for you Thomas. I've been okay since my first one on Wednesday too. That sting is pretty nasty, isn't it, but I hope that by leaving it out of the fridge for a while before hand will help next time. Clemmie

  • THATS AWESOME CLEMMIE!! :) So glad I have You and You started your injections within 2 days of mine ! SO HAPPY to have someone to have during this !!! The sting is PRETTY NASTY--I AGREE! :D WISHING ALL THE BEST and Looking forward to Staying in touch with YOU as WELL! Feeling really tired today, slept in late.. but I am staying optimistic that things will be getting better for US and keeping positive thoughts and MANY MANY people are praying for US TOO btw !!! ! :) ... Tommy

  • Oh.. LOL>. I asked the Humira Nurse that came out to assist with my first injection, as the sting began , I looked up and said ""EEW, Daggone is that BATTERY ACID in there or what ?!?!...You said it may feel like a bee sting, I would say more like a Yellow JACKET or a WASP !!! "" ........ ( that was just the Kentucky Hillbilly in me coming out ! LOL! )

  • I was on pretty much of a high the following couple of days apart from a low grade headache and prickly itchy skin. Hopefully that won't get any worse. And thanks for your upbeat replies. Loved your Kentucky hillbilly lol. Clemmie

  • Actually, now that you mention it, my skin has been prickly and itchy as well.. just thought that maybe it was fleas, I just treated my 2 dogs and thought maybe the fleas were bothering me since they had medicine on them, but never say anything on me! Real itchy skin especially my legs and it felt like something was crawling on my skin too! :D GLAD IT wasn't JUST ME! :D I have had a slight feeling like I was about to be sick with the flu, ya know tired, felt warm and tired , but just made me some more coffee and kept on trekking! :D LOL!! THANK YA CLEMMIE! More hillbilly will come out over time...!! I PROMISE! :) WE ARE GOING TO BE JUST FINE! :D

  • Hi, I have been on humira for 31/2 months now. I don't find the injection sore, unlike enbrel, but I do give it at least 1/2 hr out of the fridge.

    I have had a few problems, feel very tired afterwards, and had stomache pains plus diarrhoea on and off

    Was feeling quite despondent, not feeling better. However, my bloods have improved, so maybe it's beginning to work. Fingers crossed!!!

    Good luck, hope it's right for you! M x

  • I have experienced more fatigue than usual for a day or two following the Humira injection, also, but otherwise all seems good! I take an immune booster to try to scare off the sick demons! So far so good!

  • Good LUCK Hatshepsut !! I am hoping it works for you .... The day after now, I am VERY TIRED and withdrawn a little, have not felt like doing much but laying around .. and I slept VERY LATE too! ALL THE BEST WISHES AND Positive thoughts and Wishful Thinking for YOU !! :)

  • Thanks, I've had a bit of a headache but that's eased up now. How often do you get your blood tested and what tests? Clemmie

  • As I'm also on MTX, I have monthly tests, full blood, including liver and kidney function, hg, etc, ESR, CRP, Just the normal mix. How about you? M

  • Same TESTS for me Hatshepsut ! Liver, Kidney, Complete Metabolic, ESR, CRP.. complete panel .. From my understanding, its fairly routine for that to be done monthly on Humira and most biologics!

  • I have a review coming up beginning of next month. M x

  • The rheumatologist said to carry on with the MTX for only a couple,of weeks then stop as I have PsA and he thinks I will do better without MTX. I've had very few side effects with MTX apart from quite bad hair fall and that's why dose has been reduced and now it's not doing anything as far as I can see. I will see the rheumatologist in 2 weeks so can ask about bloods then. Clemmie

  • Good luck with the Humira Clemmie. Tx

  • Thanks Twitchy. X

  • Definitely leave it out of the fridge longer than half an hour. HAH sent a nurse to oversee my first shot & she & I sat around drinking tea for over an hour before I injected it. I opted for the syringe which means that if it stings a bit I can simply depress the plunger more slowly - then it doesn't sting at all. But in fact it only stung the first time around when I was a bit gung-ho - the next 4 did not hurt or sting or anything. I've had no side effects.

    It has been difficult to gauge how effective it's been because I had a very helpful steroid shot some weeks before starting. But I guess by now my ease of movement and the definite decrease in my worst swellings suggest it's doing the job. I don't think it's a scary med. I think PsA is pretty scary though!

  • I will definitely leave. It longer next time apostle, and also slower. The nurse pushed it too quickly. Glad it's working for you. Clemmie

  • Ow, yes it was probably a bit cold, so now you know why I said get it out of the fridge! I hope that it kicks in very quickly for you and Thomas.

    It did for me and once I got the knack of not too quick and out the fridge it worked well xx

    Good luck x

  • Thank You SO MUCH allanah!! I wish all the BEST for you as well.... If it does what it's supposed to do, I will take the 10 second sting ! ! :D Good Luck TO YOU!

  • Thanks Allanah, had I had the choice I would have waited but you know what hospital nurses are like lol !!!! Clemmie x

  • Indeed Clemmie.... Rotten sadistic people !!!

    I can say that as I was one lol if some of you didn't know xx

  • LOL! :D The old saying "you never know til you walk a mile in their shoes!" .... true for the health care workers AND ESPECIALLY those of us taking the treatments !!! My heart and EMPATHY goes out to those of us suffering every day and willing to inject ourselves with drugs that they have no real long -term data on ! :D I am just thankful that with fall here and winter coming , that the Humira begins working STAT! :D that cold and R.A. is NOT A GOOD MIX! THE DREADED winter is around the corner !! Getting out my Long JOHNS! LOL! :D

  • Me too Allanah, that's why I felt safe saying it! I think nurses have pretty much the same sense of humour! Clemmie

  • Lol xx

  • I have been on Humira for over a year- I was so high anxiety about giving myself the inject- I take ice pack and chill the inject site on my stomach - then inject- then put the ice pack back on- no pain no bruising - hope you try and it works for you.

  • Great tip x

  • Thanks RAquilter, I will try that. Clemmie

  • The first one really hurt me, so much so that I was really quite apprehensive about them. But the second one hurt a lot less and by injection number 4, I barely noticed it. The shock of a pen can be quite sore if you're not used to it. Also, I leave mine out for closer to an hour. It's much better that way.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks Crashdoll. Clemmie

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