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Transport Survey in the London Area


Hi all,

we have been asked to post this survey on behalf of Transport For All. It is aimed at people living the London area:

Have you or someone you know used patient transport in the two years in London?

How did you find it?

We're surveying patient transport:

We've launched Sick of Waiting, a campaign for reliable, accessible patient transport for everyone who needs it. We want to see minimum standards on things like waiting time and eligibility criteria written into patient transport contracts. We want to ensure that hospital Trusts have the power to hold to account the private companies who deliver patient transport. And we want to include the voices of people with RA.

Good or bad, we would like your reports of patient transport. We will use this evidence to help convince Trusts that patient transport contracts must put patients’ needs first. If you'd like to support better patient tranport, please answer our very short survey.

You can fill it online here:

Or by phone on 020 7737 2339. We can even post you surveys if you're part of a group.

More information on our website -

Thank you!


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

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