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'A year of Covid' Survey - please complete!

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Here is the link to the survey: bit.ly/CovidCare2021

As we’ve just marked a year since the first lockdown, NRAS is supporting a survey from Cambridge University to see how people with autoimmune rheumatic diseases like RA and lupus , have coped over the year, changes to care, views on telemedicine etc. We are also looking at the impact of online peer groups like our NRAS virtual groups as well as online communities on HealthUnlocked and Facebook. You do not need to be a member of an online group to participate in the survey as you can skip those questions if they don’t apply to you.

This study has been requested by rheumatologists and policy makers to help plan changes in care, policies and understand the patient-views, so is a great chance to get your voices heard!

The lead researcher, Melanie Sloan, and several of the research team have lupus or another autoimmune rheumatic disease so they understand and empathise with how life has been during this pandemic when living with a rheumatic disease. Please do read the information at the beginning of the survey and contact Melanie if you have any questions on mas229@medschl.cam.ac.uk

The survey is open to everyone over 18 and from every country if you have one of the disease types listed or are on the diagnostic journey.

14 Replies

Link won’t work

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I’ve just completed it. Some very interesting questions.

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All done .

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It was interesting to reflect on the past year. Personal conclusion....GP has maintained services incredibly well with a mix of telephone calls and f2f where necessary, rheumatology service has just disappeared apart from 1 pointless phone consultation. I know times are unprecedented but it makes me wonder if the service will ever get back to the excellent service it was.

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Made me think 🤔

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This is an excellent survey with intelligent questions from someone who obviously understands the frustrations of the past year! It was a pleasure to complete it.

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All done 👍

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Great survey and would have liked to complete the follow-up but sadly it didn't recognise my email address so I couldn't submit it.

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MelanieSloan in reply to Boxerlady

Thanks very much to everyone who has completed this survey, we have had over 1500 responses! Please note it is closing TODAY (Sunday 28th) at midnight so please do complete if you haven't already. It's a great opportunity to get our voices heard by the NHS, the doctors and government.

If the survey didn't accept your email and you want to be part of the follow-up, then please do email me (Melanie) on mas229@medschl.cam.ac.uk and I can add you on by hand.

Thank you everyone :)

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All Done hope it helps xx

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Done. Be interesting if anything comes from it....

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