Arthritis and Dietary Supplement Survey

Do you take vitamins or supplements? Do you think they help or are they a waste of money?

Sales of dietary supplements for joint health are worth around £250million a year and they are the most popular types of supplements (Euromonitor, 2010).Whilst there have been many surveys looking at those in the general population who take dietary supplements and people with other chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes, there has been little research about arthritis suffers.

The aim of the survey is to find out whether people with arthritis take supplements, why and what are they taking. We want to try to understand what influences people and whether they are getting the information they need to make safe or beneficial choices.

Please take the survey at

Only those over 18 years old may take part. All answers are anonymous and confidential and the survey takes around 10 minutes to complete. The findings will be shared with participants on the study website following completion. The survey will be live until 20th July.

You can email any questions about the study to Kate Lawson at

Thank you very much for taking part.

5 Replies

Completed the survey, did not take as long as they suggested it might.


i heard somewhere that glusomide is a waste of time taking as it's destroyed in the stomach... i dont know how much truth is in that though. the fish oils might be helpful though but i hate them because the taste keeps coming back and its makes me vomit!


My GP recommended glucosamine 1500mg to see if it made any difference but it didnt, neither did fish oils :-/


glucosamine - thats the word! i never spell that right.


Never take them. My Rheumy was adamant that they don't do anything unless taken in massive indigestible doses. She also claimed to have research evidence that suggested they reduce life expectancy!

I am also curious about "Healthy" Diets + Supplements. If you eat a healthy diet = Strong immune system = Increased disease activity? Would this be a fair assumption?!


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