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Hi all, I've had swelling and pain in both hands, wrists and feet since early March. My GP has done blood tests and RF was positive, not too sure what else she tested for. Anyway, I was given Naproxen and Omeprazole which I took until a week ago. It helped a bit with swelling and pain but my feet just kill to walk on so GP has now put me on Diclofenac instead (still on Omeprazole). I'm waiting for appt with rheumy but wonder will the meds I'm on mask RA if it is that? (I realise it will eventually show up on x-rays). When the swelling subsides, so does the pain - what if I am pain and swelling free on the day of my appt? Is everybody put on meds before seeing rheumy for first time?

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  • If the NSAIDs work, then make sure you describe in graphic detail the difference between taking them and not taking them. That will help provide evidence there is an inflammatory process going on. See if you can get a copy of the blood results to take along too - I'm never convinced that my rheumatologist bothers with trying to find results he didn't order, so if you can pass the piece of paper over, then you know they won't have to search for it. Again, thats more proof that there is something going on with the raised RF

  • Hi and welcome but sorry you have had to find us. If you have any swelling that is visible in your hands then try and capture it in photos to show your rheumatologist. Also, as Earthwitch says, it's a good idea to get print outs of your blood results to show them and to be able to track your test results yourself and learn more. Speaking for myself - I stopped taking NSAIDS about three days before my second appointment to make sure that the swelling was visible for my rheumy. I had been told "inconclusive" the first appointment while under influence of a steroid injection followed by NSAIDs.

    The Naproxen will probably affect your blood test results too but then the consultant will expect that of course. Best of luck to you.

  • I would suggest keeping a daily diary of your symptoms. This can really help when you see your rheumatologist.

  • I wouldn't worry whats swollen and painful your bloods tell them how active it is.ive been unwell for ages and not paticaly swollen yet my bloods where chronic.make sure you take diclofenac after food,I took it 10 year on an empty stomache and it caused 2 stomache bleeds and now can't take anti imflamotry drugs now.my own fault lol.good luck x

  • That's awful HBJ. Were you not prescribed a ppi to take? I've taken NSAID COX's (celecoxib & etoricoxib) from day 1 & always has 20mg omeprazole given to protect my tum. What can you take then? Surely you're now very limited?

  • Thanks for all your replies, I've kept a daily diary since the beginning of June and have photos of swollen feet, hands and wrists so that's good. To be honest I think I'm deluded to think the swelling and pain will be going anywhere quickly, just wishful thinking....Thanks again, Hazel :)

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