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Tips for surviving the heat and humidity. Draw your curtains as it will keep the sun and the heat out. Put a fan on and keep it on as it will help. I only have a sheet on my bed at night and though some would say not i have my windows open all night. The usual ones about drinking plenty of water. Take your pain relief through the day and don't miss any.

This may sound patronising to some,but i talk from experience as i have suffered this week from the heat and humidity. I have been in agony to say the least. It has been blooming awful to be honest. Big hugs to all those who need one.xxxx

PS,this was the weather yesterday in Nuneaton during a storm.

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Had to remove photo.


Good ideas there sylvi. The only one I would query is leaving windows open at night. When living abroad we persevered with that for about a week & just couldn't sleep with the noises as we lived high up (cicadas also attempting to keep cool & foxes, mums & cubs locating one another, & the tricky mozzies finding their way through the screens). We eventually relented & even though the temp at times was 35˚+ inside, so a couple of degrees warmer than outside, keeping the windows & shutters closed made a difference for both of us. It seemed less chilling & remained warm outside the bedroom but cooler in with the ceiling fan on low to circulate the air so my muscles were more relaxed if that makes sense. It was necessary to cover with a sheet otherwise it didn't work & felt chilly because clammy bods & fans don't mix lol!! I think this is why heating the joints rather than cooling them with ice packs helps me.

Avoiding drinking caffeine drinks also helps, coffee, tea, fizzies like coke but don't go over the top with mineral water as you stand the chance of your kidneys complaining as the natural minerals & salts (or added in cheaper ones) can be apt to. If your tap water is ok better to drink that! Alcohol will dehydrate also if anyone is fortunate enough to able to drink on their meds!!

After a days rain here the heat has abated somewhat & is more comfortable today so hope that the cooler patch heads your way later in the day. :)

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Not here it isn't it is still very humid and hot...xxxx


Oh dear, we're lucky then. Hopefully it'll head your way soon!! x

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