Short course oral steroids

As a IM steroid injection does not usually do anything for me and my knee joints although swollen not enough to inject and other joints rumbling my rheumy team have suggested a short course of 20mg for 3 days then dropping by 5mg every 3 days to give me an bit extra for a weeks holiday. Currently on Abatacept, hydroxychloroquine, paras, ibuprofen and omeprazole and not yet back under enough control. Anybody any experience with this and tips on timing?

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  • I generally start one about three days before a holiday as they do kick in quickly for me. But as you know don't stop them abruptly and taper them off as prescribed. Enjoy your holiday.. Anywhere nice?

  • Down the Gower, only couple of hours from home so kids 14 & 12 and I can hopefully manage on our own for most of the week and OH will come down for a few days. OH had to come for the whole week last year as I was so bad then and unable to drive. Fingers crossed for good weather or at least dry.

  • Sounds lovely! Have a great time x

  • Hope the short course of steroids picks you up Farm to enjoy your holiday. Sorry I am unable to give any advice about oral steroids as I find the injections more effective. Is it possible to increase your dose of hydroxychloroquine (still can't pronounce that drug) or are you taking the max dose? I remember you have had a really rough time with other drugs, it's such a nightmare getting the mix right. anyway hope you and the kids have a sunny time:)

  • Thanks both. 2 weeks time so counting down now but find that I have to start getting things together well in advance as I never know how my body is going to be nearer the time and it does not seem to matter when you book there are always other things happening the week before you go. I have already booked and selected shopping for delivery on arrival and mini top up midweek - not a fan of ready meals so plenty of ready prepared vegetables and meat that can be easily cooked. I have only had a month on Hydroxychloroquine 200mg (only chloroquine when I had it the first time 27 years ago) and because of my reactions to others having to introduce gradually with regular blood tests.

  • Hope you have a great time! M x

  • I do about ten days to two weeks maximum on a short steroid burst - starting two days before I go away (if its for a holiday break, to help me over the travelling periods) just to make sure I get over the day of steroid flare that I sometimes get. I also take the 20 mg for a couple of days, then drop to 15 mg for most of the course, then just the last few days drop to 10 mg then 5 mg. My GP is quite happy for me to not need a taper from 15 mg as long as I haven't been taking it for more than 2 weeks in total (or more than four times in a year). Usually my course is a wee bit shorter than that as I try to stick with just one packet of 30 x 5 mg tablets for the whole course.

    When I did a much longer course (on the advice of a rheumatologist as they wanted me to get prolonged antiinflammatory treatment and I couldn't take any of the other options) I did taper over a much much longer period, staying two weeks at each level of dose.

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