I have just been told from pip that my appointment to see them will be in the next 4 weeks , I have been waiting since. November but at the moment my pain is, nt too bad with all the meds I'm on, I'm so worried that when I go I'm not going to be in pain and won't get pip, even though I gave had to cut my working hours to 3 hours a day as I can't cope with any more as I'm a nursery nurse..what kind of things do they ask of you ........scared

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  • Suggest you ring the nras helpline. They also have online help for pip applications. Good luck! M

  • Look on the Benefits & Work website they have useful guides about all this.

  • Hi Lacey, try the YOURABLE website very informative and it's free, lots of help and advice on there about the PIP process. Please don't worry about it, you will be fine! When I went for mine I was nervous and thought they would be trying to catch me out but they weren't...I don't think:))). Be yourself and tell who ever you see how it is for you, they will ask you about the medications you take, treatments and how you cope day to day with your condition, basically they ask you the questions on the form you completed with more detail. They may also do a short examination of your joints. Best of luck... let us know how you get on. PS..Try that YOURABLE site there are some sticky threads on there for help and a guy called Flymo seems extremely informative about the process.

  • Than you for the advise..will let you know how I get on

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