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Re stroke

My last post telling you that I'd had a stroke, well it wasn't a big one, phew, they have that I'd had quite a lot little ones.

Driving me daft lol plus there's something else but I need to wait to see memory consultant on the 18 next month.

In between I went to my GP and she is now getting the ball rolling for the stroke clinic. YAY But today the pain in my lower back and in my head has been excruciating, im having bad time with feet and ankles, I'm struggling to do anything what so ever, my temperature has been high, lol, not much down for me today lol.


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Well Philip, all I can say is lots of people have lots of little ones & suffer no longer lasting effects than a little memory loss & I've got that & not had any strokes lol! As long as they're keeping an eye on you & that's in place so all's well there. Rest up till the next appointment & hope your pain eases.


So glad it wasn't a big one. I gather little ones are easier to treat. But am sorry you are having such a rough time. Its warm enough without having a temperature to boot and headaches in this heat are misery. You've stopped me moaning . Not sure how long that will last though. Seeing my consultant on Monday, just hoping she can help! At the moment I want my feet chopped off. Que Sera!!!! Hope you are much better tomorrow after a nights rest.


Hi Philip - that's rather scary for you. The only thing I know about strokes is that if you respond in time they can be treated and usually won't do any lasting damage. So I guess if you know you're prone to strokes just now that you will be well monitored. I agree it's got to be better than having dementia. Take care. Warm regards, Twitchy


I had what they said was a TIA and it is due to food intolerances raising the blood pressure too high. I am now doing some research into this. I feel many might get hypertension drugs and not have hypertension if the allergies and intolerances were sorted out. IF you know of anyone please get in touch with me. This is urgent.


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