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further update and still cooking on gas

well went to see the wizzard of RUMI the other day for my check up on new tabs the old stroids and the bone tablets because of wasting bones in some areas (I love that woman) i informed her no better no worse we are at a norm

i was asked any swelling or pain so told her feet hurt a bit and ankle and the old knees but i get about ok and it dosnt swell.

she looked at them and said does that hurt well it does but you get used to it after a bit i said.

hm we will send youn for xray and ultra sound see if its inflamation in the tissues so off for that next

see nurse in 6 months and her again in 12 months so gess im on the same as some on here seeing the nurse.

but im riding all my motorbikes (but i can ride the bloody push bike its aches)lol.

so im just going to go with the flow and hope this thing dosnt come back as bad with a vengence.

meanwhile she gave me a book to read on authritus to go with the lupus sle book etc etc.

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What drugs are you taking just now? I'm glad you love your rheumy - that's really great news! Does your rheumy think you have Lupus or Rheumatoid Disease or both? I hope you can keep on top of it and the Osteoporosis too. Twitchy


lupus sle with the old atheritus thrown in for good mix im on steroid tablets and something to give me more calcium for the bones cos i have a bit of bone lose at hip and lower back oh an some other things for the authritus cant make it out on perscription tried some other tablets befor she gave me but skin came off me hands and feet right mess so whent chemist for folic acid tablets that sorted that but didnt take them again


I am glad you have got on alright darling. Long may it last for you.xxxx


lets hope so syl but i dont thinkj so give the bugger 2 more years


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