University of Salford PhD study help required

NRAS are happy to support this student if you are able to help her please get in touch with Fatemah directly. DO NOT POST REPLIES ON HEALTH UNLOCKED

Are you willing to share your experience of Rheumatoid Arthritis?

I am a PhD student at the University of Salford. My supervisors are Dr. Peter Eachus, Prof. Alison

Hammond and Dr Linda Dubrow-Marshall. My project is a study into Psychological Change in

People living with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The study has the approval of the University of

Salford Ethics Committee. Participants-

•Over 18

•Living in UK

•Diagnosed with RA for at least 2 years

You would be asked to-

•Complete a questionnaire booklet, taking about 30-45 minutes in your own time at home.

If interested in taking part, I will mail the questionnaire to you with a Freepost envelope for your reply Fatemeh Sani Pour:

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I've just emailed her my contact details.


Me too.


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