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Motivate RA - RA and exercise study from Liverpool John Moores University


Hello all,

Hope this is okay to post here - I heard on Twitter about a new study being run out of Liverpool John Moores Uni looking at whether 'mobile health technology' (ie fitness trackers and apps) can help with exercise in RA patients. They are currently recruiting participants who fit the following criteria:

· Aged 18-65 years old 

· Have a clinical diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

· Be able to provide informed consent.  

· Have access to a smart phone with WiFi/data plan.  

Edit - UK residents only

There are some exclusion criteria too - I have the list if you want details (bit long to post), or you can contact the chap doing the study directly. It's all being done remotely, so should be easy to do. More details at the below link:

Hope this helps someone - may be a little motivational nudge for some of us (ie ME!)

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UK only....

dawkin_S in reply to helixhelix

Ah yes, thanks helixhelix - forgot to mention that. I'll edit to include that.

Hi dawkin_s thank you for highlighting this hope to be able to join as I could do with a nudge get moving more, will get on and send an email, hope it helps them and us, thanks again hope your ok and have a nice Sunday 😊

dawkin_S in reply to quatjen

Good luck - hope it's suitable for you. :)

Thanks for this - I've emailed them so will see what they say 🤞

dawkin_S in reply to Boxerlady

Fingers crossed you can get on the study, Boxerlady

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