one of my very first pain sites when i first began my journey with Rheumatiod Disease was in my jaw. like others on here have said i though firstly that i had an ear infection and then maybe something wrong with one of my teeth. i went on to learn that it was in fact my jaw and that it wasn't uncommon.

fast forward to yesterday...... w went to eat my toast yesterday morning and found that i couldn't open my teeth anymore than about 5/6 mils! i have been waiting since last October for an appointment with a dental surgeon!

i have an appointment with my dentist on thursday and my GP told me to ask if he can push me up the waiting list or if he can't do it for me to get back to him and he will try from his end.

in the mean time i will be blending my toast!

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  • Aargh not good, ye push for it! I get tmj joint inflammation too, they gave me a night mouth splint which I just couldn't get away with xx

  • others have mentioned this thingie before....problem is i can't separate my teeth to get it into my mouth......do you think a steroid injection would allow me to get some movement? this is another of those 'but you don't look sick' symptoms.....bloody disease!

  • Hi Jean, I suffer with the same thing, I've said on here before couldn't work out at first if it was my ear, teeth or jaw but know now it's my jaw!!! I had a general steroid jab which did dampen it down for a while but it's back now, I've been offered a steroid jab in the TMJ joint which I may consider when I next see my Consultant but I've got used to the stiffness/restriction if that makes sense?! Been offered a splint for at night but don't fancy the idea of that...it's horrible condition as we all know!! Good luck :)

  • my dentist was great and showed me how to unlock my jaw if it seized up. It was really interesting because it involved pushing it a bit in a way that was almost opposite to what I would have thought would work. I wouldn't have worked it out myself.

  • seeing my dentist today, i'll post how i get on later. X

  • Good luck with the dentist. They referred me to the professor day our local dental hospital , might be worth asking for referral x

  • Good luck to you, you have made me realise that what I thought was bad, when my jaw was so problematic and painful which to me it was. It's clearly not such a problem as you are suffering right now. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way.


  • thanks Doc, my rheumy team foned this morning and told me to come over at 2 for a steroid injection. don't know if it will help but at this stage i'll try anything! i have to say that i did have a few warning signs that i ignored! my jaw suddenly got a lot worse and the bone one bone effect became unbarable but i just thought it would pass and i hate complaining to my rheumy team, they are so good to me.it was the next day that it all seized up. so watch for the signs and act on them. thanks again Doc, hope all is as well as possible with you. X

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