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RA in Jaw?


Whilst I await my first Rheumy appointment on Friday, can someone tell me that my sudden jaw ache up near my left ear is RA? Does it effect jaws joints? Everything else seems to ache so I figure it was RA...

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RA does indeed effect the jaw joints...if you do a search on here, you will find lots of posts on here about it. It's weird when it starts...as you're not sure if it's toothache, earache or jaw ache! Hopefully you'll find out more at your first appointment. Good luck.

I have problems with all the bones around ear, face and jaw...they hurt...like someone punched me. Any ideas? Is that the kind of pain you have?

Yes, very much like that but more like a dull ache when it first started that I couldn’t work out where it was coming from...ears,,teeth or jaw! Years of Jaw clenching probably hasn’t helped but RA can and does affect the jaw. Good luck 😊

Yes jaw ache is part of the wonderful (!) world of RA.

I seem to remember a rheumy telling me it was swelling pressing on the saliver gland & blocking it.

I found it faded away quicker than other joints.

mary4444 in reply to AgedCrone

that sounds horrible i thought mine was aldronic acid fusion xx

I have had RA in my Jaw several times very painfull but does not last to long, Overnight and today I am in agony all around my rib cage and round the back not high not low never had it before in fact it's the only place it's not been, No Joints there thats for sure certainly the same pain level.Matt

robdoe307 in reply to mattcass

Thanks for your replies. I won't book a dental appointment.

dtech in reply to robdoe307

Ok. So everyone who has replied is an expert on maxillo facial problems, and can diagnose your problem without even examining you. (Amazing😏). if so please don't bother your dentist. But if they aren't I suggest you do go to the dentist who may refer you to a (real) expert to get your jaw assessed and possibly treated. Best wishes from someone who really is a dental professional 😉.

AgedCrone in reply to dtech

No Dtech I'm sure we are not trying to be experts...just telling our experiences of jaw pain on our wonderful (!) RA journey.

I think everyone on this site is sensible enough not to think what a,b& c experienced would be the same for x,y & z.

It's often reassuring to hear that what you are experiencing is not unique to you.

merryl1943 in reply to AgedCrone

I do understand Dtech's concern as some folks read something and run with it believing they have solved their problem. As you stated, most folks are sensible enough to take remarks as just information to be considered.

Hidden in reply to dtech

As the wise and wonderful dtech said, do see a dentist. It could be something very treatable. They will be able to guide you if it TMJ disorder or if it's something else.

I keep my local dental surgery in business. 😂 My favourite dentist once said; "Sophie, in the nicest possible way, we don't need to keep checking your teeth, it's your jaw. See your maxillofacial surgeon." In my defence, I once had an root infection and left it for ages because I assumed it was my jaw. It was so painful, I was on the verge of taking myself to A&E when someone suggested it might be my tooth.

3LittleBirds2 in reply to dtech

Hi Dtech...just saw this old reply after receiving a reply to my comment. I DID GO TO THE DENTIST...who couldn’t find anything wrong (thought it was my teeth originally) then I went to the DOCTOR who confirmed it wasnt my ears..I was then referred to a ENT specialist who confirmed it was the jaw it brought on tinnitus too. My Rheumatologist was rubbish and didn’t want to know but has now talked about referring me to a maxillo facial specialist as the jaw joint has come out a few times. I was told inruslly that RA does not affect the jaw but I have it confirmed by “experts” ( not dental)that it can and does.

This may be worth a read Rob nras.org.uk/jaw-problems

Definitely another symptom to add to your list for your appointment.

I went to the dentist first to rule out any problems there. I now have this pain alot, it can be a dull ache or so swollen that you can't chew food.

Very worrying when it first happens. This disease never ceases to amaze me in where or when it next decides to raise its head.

Why do people think it's hilarious when you tell them you have RA in the jaw ( very definitely not).😟

dtech in reply to Sarahg62

Tell them you have temporal mandibular joint problems. It sounds more impressive 😉

Hidden in reply to dtech

I told a doctor that I'm having another CT before my TJR due to RA in the TMJ. I use all the acronyms I can. 😀

dtech in reply to Hidden

Sending you all a big kiss using my orbicularis oris. Go on, beat that then. 😉

Good idea, much more interesting, and when you add in a spasm in the jaw, so I couldn't eat for 3 days, even more hilarity.

Hi, I've had inflamed TMJ due to RA. Very painful - couldn't chew or swallow for 2 days. (Always at a weekend isn't it?) Told my dentist at a routine appointment. He said it must have been a good way to lose weight! I'm not complaining about him - I've known him for 40 years. But I did point out that he needs to lose weight , I don't!

dtech in reply to janmary

Lol. Not a good idea to upset your dentist when he is about to put pointy instruments in your mouth. 😳😂

janmary in reply to dtech

I was careful to wait until the end of the appointment........

Very wise. 😂

I can tell you from my own experience I never ingnore or assume I know what's causing my jaw pain. In my case the jaw pain I experiencing early this year was a warning of a GCA attack that landed me in the hospital. I have a different kind of jaw pain that I've learned is my RA manifesting itself in yet another lovely way but unless you have seen a healthcare professional, I'd never make an assumption about jaw pain especially jaw pain is also a fairly common sign of a heart attack.

Coinsidentialy enough, my jaw is absolutely aching right now...ugh!

It is common for RA to affect the jaw. Try ice and make sure you aren't clenching your teeth when you sleep. Your dentist can make you a bite plate to keep you from locking your jaw if you are clenching. Also take some ibuprofen to relieve inflammation. Best of luck and prayers for remission.

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