How to wash your back - Suggestion from OT

How to wash your back - Suggestion from OT

I have a fabulous OT who specializes in hands - over the lsat year she has given me some great tips, splints & suggestions.

One from today is her "brushes"!

She suggested buying a long handle which has soft bristles at the base but a very soft top to wash those parts you can't reach! ie back

She also suggested a smaller one for doing feet & between the toes.

Hopefully the photos is attached!

Both these brushes were bought from a local hardware store.The brushes are made by Burstenhaus Redecker

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  • I have a flippant but better suggestion. Shower with your partner as I do. We do each others back & save water too! Seriously though, I've tried using a long handled brush in the past but still find it difficult as I have problems getting my hands to grip the handle especially for my morning shower when they're no use for man nor beast. If anyone knows of one that would work with non grippy hands so I can do my toes I'd be interested to hear though. :(

  • The brushes she showed me she'd made the handle bigger by putting a larger grip on them.

  • thank you for the tip...will certainly make use of it....

  • Hi through my work with adults with learning disabilities I have found lots of companies that sell all sorts of things to help us with every day tasks have a look at this is the sort of thing they sell

    For some reason I can't post a picture in this thread will try and post one in a new thread

    Jen x

  • Thanks for posting the link Jen. Not come across this one in any searches before. Will have to set some time aside to look through it as it's a very comprehensive site.

  • This was very interesting,and all makes sense, thanks Jen

  • Hi Everyone,

    You might find this link useful as well. They do all sorts of aids for washing:


    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • this is great......i am getting more help on here than i did at the physio dept! my problem is that i can't lift my arms up enough to get the brush onto my back. i've tried doing it from my side but thats no good either.....i'm just a mess.....i can get my face washed and just let the soapy water run down my i can do for now......i will definatly have a look at these site though. thanks very much. jean

  • I use a bath scrunchie on the end of a long plastic handle. I found it on ebay and it was really reasonably priced. It's the second one I've owned and so far haven't found a bit of me it doesn't reach!

  • They look like instruments of torture! I have problems washing my back so I bought a sponge with a long 'plastic' handle from Amazon, the handle can be bent so may be better for you.

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