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So, after many of you commented on never hearing of using of MTX orally, here is a link a FRIEND sent to me of a study done comparing tablet


to putting liquid form in juice or water. It seems there is no difference, as my rheumatologist must have known or else he wouldn't have let me do it this way. So, for all of you wusses, like me, who cannot inject themselves, this is definitely the solution...and it's so much cheaper than the tablet form. Please check it out.

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Hi Rosi,

I noticed the site was a US site, so maybe research results over there has been accepted and is usable. We have an organization, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) provides national guidance and advice to improve health and social care. Any drugs/therapies/treatments and the way they are used, has to be passed by NICE before they can be used on the public.

Interesting......I had read on one of our most reputable childrens' hospital's website of MTX being taken this way after doing a quick search after your original post, in water only, but saw no benefit at the time of throwing my twopennorth into the mix as taking it this way really isn't the norm here & our Rheumys generally don't sanction it. I therefore didn't feel it was responsible to reply without having NICE guidance evidence to back any comment. We now learn thanks to you that it is an option in the US, albeit through a very small clinical trial & personally I would prefer to see evidence of a larger trial being performed & a similar outcome found, but that's my opinion with it being such a potentially toxic drug. The options in the UK & other EU countries are tablets, injections or syrup, the latter more commonly used in children, although tablets can be administered dispersed in a small amount of water to be taken up in an oral syringe if children have a problem with any of the options offered. I think what raised eyebrows was the fact that a cytotoxic liquid which is known to cause mouth ulcers when injected wouldn't have harmful effects in the mouth ingested orally & is considered safe even let down in water, or in your case juice.

I find it interesting that injections are cheaper than tablets in the US. Here it's the reverse (calculated @ 15mg/week) tablets are about 78p & pre-filled injections 16.57.

I also find it interesting to learn of peoples experiences of RD as a whole in other countries, so thanks for that.

Hi nomoreheals, just thought I would let you know I am in NZ and I pay $5 for 3 months of injections ie 12

shots. This is funded by the government. Currently I am off methotrexate and dont know what to do about RA (liver levels very high and stomach issues).

Hiya denvajade. It does seem to differ greatly out of Europe, but don't understand why unless it's how it's dispensed, by that I mean in multidose vials, needle & syringes of pre-filled complete units. The prices I quoted are what the NHS pays for the drugs, not what the patient pays. I don't know if you know how it works here but explains. I can only quote Spain as another example in Europe & there a percentage of each item is paid by the patient (no prescription charge) which equated to around 31cents for 50 2.5mg tablets or 2.45€ for a pre-filled 15ml injection, so different again!

Have no other options been offered to you since being off MTX?

not yet my rheumy said I suppose if I put you on another med then you will blame me for your stomach - I replied in raised voice "how stupid why would I do that" he is very hard to comunicate to - just get on with it. thanks for your reply

So where is "And I will use treatments for the benefit of the ill in accordance with my ability and my judgment, but from what is to their harm and injustice I will keep them." I assume when he qualified he swore the Hippocratic oath. So are you taking anything for RD? He must surely know the possible consequences for you long term if you're not. If you have adverse reactions to any drug it can't be considered your fault.

So nice when questions are followed up, thank you.

Rosi1213 in reply to helixhelix

My pleasure Helixhelix, we are all this this together, knowledge is power. I am learning so much from everybody on this site......This is still all so new to me, so much to learn!


Sorry, I just read this. I think in AU, 6 patients for 2 weeks would be an observation not a study :) ...but fingers crossed... personally I have 4-7 injections and 8 finger pricks per day so an extra 1 injection per week doesnt worry me but for those who are phobic it sounds like it merits investing further wider studies - anything to helping us reduce the need for any injection has to be good.

Thanks for the link.

I have been on MTX since Feb and I have taken it orally the whole time, as I am petrified of needles! It is the best way to take it, I squirt mine in juice, but realized it is tasteless, so water is fine too! Glad to read the article, my rheumy said it was fine to take it this way, so I did! No needles for me! YAY! Thanks for posting this!

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