Firstly i want to say thanks to NRAS for forwarding me an application form applying for PIP. However I failed to mention when asking for the approprite form that I am 65 and so therefore a different criteria applies.

What I want to know is there anyone on this site who is 65 or over and applying for PIP? If there are what was your experience and where did you get the form?

Like many on here are saying this seems to be a very stressful procedure and I'm not looking forward to it. I have been advised to apply for PIP by my Rheumy Nurse but am being put off by some of the experiences I've read about on here and from people I have been talking to locally. Sometimes I think what I never had I'll never miss ad just get on with life.......I'd love to hear what others think.

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Hiya Jean. Not sure but I think it may be a bit different for you Jean, depending whether or not you've been claiming DLA & when you turned 65. As I understand it if you have you may be eligible to continue on DLA. If you haven't I don't think you can claim PIP, you'd need to apply for Attendance Allowance but as I say without knowing when you turned 65 it's not clear. If you haven't read it already this link is a PDF but it might be helpful if you download it, then ask further advice. I assume the same applies for NI.

Hope you're still doing ok? x


Hello Heels, how are ya? I'm going to have a look at the site you have posted.....I turned 65 on the 19th of April this year. I know April is the end of the year with regads to finance so this may make a difference to my deciding wether I will claim or not. There are so many posting of people being really stressed about all I really need it?

Hope your well darlin. XX

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Honestly? Not too good really. Battling to get answers from my Rheumy nurse as my inflammation & liver levels are high for me, high enough for my Practice nurse to be concerned so I contacted them, 3 times now. My Rheumy's away & I know that my latest bloods have been talked about by the Rheumy who I wanted to see in the first place but my Rheumy nurse doesn't know what he intends to do until she speaks to him again on Monday. Meantime I'm to take my etoricoxib daily which of course will tackle the inflammation but not the reason for it. But the sun's shining so it's not all bad news lol I bet you're sorry you asked!

As for PIP/Attendance Allowance, either would be a help financially of course but I can tell you if it's AA you qualify for age wise it's not the rigmarole that applying for PIP is. If it is AA you need to claim then 82.30 or 55.10 a week isn't to be sniffed at is it?! My f-i-l went to CAB to claim for my m-i-l & they came to his home with the form. When they'd completed hers she asked if he was claiming AA, which he wasn't so she said he should. So, if you go to CAB they will fill the form in for you (in a way that the DWP need to know!). My f-i-l was advised by CAB he may get the lower rate but in fact when he received notification it was at the higher rate. He didn't have an assessement or a physical & it was really straightforward. It may be down to circumstances whether you go to them or they come to your home to fill in the form but I'm sure if you wish them to they'd come to you. x


Awh, sorry to hear that. The summer scheduale plays havoc with appointments here so it can be difficult to see the one you really want to see.

I downloaded the form that Victoria in the NRAS office forwarded to me. It looks straight forward enough but i think I'll get some help with it if I do decide to put in a this space. Take care luv. XX


At least it's better than in Spain, the department shut for the whole of August! I'm sure it'll all work out Jean, it's just that I want to know, not patient just now with this inflammation, uncommon for me & I know that my ESR & CRP levels are high for me. Patience is a virtue & all that, just not that virtuous I suppose!

I hope you're able to sort the form Victoria sent, if not do ask CAB to help you, they know these forms inside out & what the DWP need to read if you know what I mean! Any extra pennies help no matter how many. x


LOL, thats like something we would do in Ireland!!!

I'm touching wood when I tell you that I am still doing really well on the steroids. People are stopping me in the street and telling me about how well I'm limp is almost invisible. I did reduce the amount I was taking though as I was really manic....I just couldn't sit still, I felt like I was plugged into the electricity supply!

Take care. J XX


Now you said that not me!!!

I hope you continue to do well on steroids Jean, especially if you can reduce the dose to relieve you from that wired feeling. I'm still on a low dose maintenance, they keep me going but would like an alternative that won't compromise my bones. You deserve a break, may be the answer for you if your Dr Armstrong is ok with it.

Take care lovely. P x


You have to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes. XX


So true, we'd go mad otherwise. x


Hi Jeanabelle

Nomoreheels is right that it depends on whether you are new to PIP/DLA or were already claiming, but if you are new to these benefits and are 65 or older it would be Attendance Allowance. For info on NI, see the NI direct site:

If you have our PIP booklet you will hopefully still find it helpful in principle as it might give you some tips that would be useful for willing in Attendance Allowance forms.

Kind regards




Thanks for the link Victoria.......thanks too for looking out for us all here on NRSA. XX

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