Am I disabled?!

Hi all,

other half no longer with me so I am in the process of trying to get benefits. On the form it says are you disabled?

I know the disease is covered by the disability act, I work full time, but find it a struggle to keep up now I'm alone.

So my question is on the form is it yes or no to being disabled?

Sound stupid but I'm not sure what to tick :-)

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Yes, you are I'm afraid. Being open about it will help you to get help and support, both now and in the future when your employer may be obliged to adjust your work so you can cope.

So tick yes!


Disability has a whole lot of meanings, but on that kind of form I'd say that if you are applying for something because your disease is causing you problems, then yes, you are disabled.

Disability isn't about what disease you have - its about what you can't do (or what becomes very difficult to do) because of that disease. Theoretically you could have RA, be being treated really well, have no pain, and be able to do anything anyone else could do - you wouldn't be disabled if that was the case, but you would still have the disease.

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It was on an online benefit form to see what benefits I will be allowed. So not sure what they class as disabled?


We recently had to apply for tax credits and there is a section on the form that asked if one of us were disabled, we had to put no, because I don't get DLA. I thought you had to be receiving DLA or attendance allowance to be able to say you are disabled on a benefit form? I may be wrong. xxx


Thanks that's just what i was wondering I may try for DLA not sure if I would get it though. Going to CAB this week will see what they say.


Earthwitch is right. Disability is about your limitations. Not all disabled people qualify for DLA. But they are still disabled. I could be deaf, which is a disability, but be quite independent, for example. Hope that makes sense.


Yes I agree with Phoebe so tick yes. Dont worry they wont be throwing money at you even if you are entitled but dont give up. Take care.


The only way you will find out is by filling in the forms and seeing what the answer is. But, for greatest chance of success, do make sure you get specialist help filling out those forms. CAB disability advisors are probably the easiest to access, and they know what they are doing. They aren't going to lie for you, but they will help make sure that you put down everything that might be useful for a decision, and use the right words to do so, so you don't get turned down on a technicality (eg where the decision maker misinterprets something to assume you are able to cope when you arent). Don't worry about definitions of disability. If you are filling out a form because you need assistance of any kind, then definitely tick the disability box.


Thank you all,

Seeing rheumy nurse tomorrow will ask his opinion. There are things I can't do like drive for for over half an hour and hold heavy things like pans of water. My hands are the worse very painful if I use them too much and now I'm by myself I will be doing a lot more of this :-(. Ever hopeful the Humira will kick in soon.


This looks quite a dull old document but it's very useful, in that it provides and explains the government's definition of disability. In short, if you have a condition which has a substantial and long-lasting impact on your life you are considered disabled, even if the disease is well-controlled by medication, or if you have a progressive and/or fluctuating condition. Rheumatoid arthritis is mentioned specifically in that context.

I was advised that you fill in all forms as if it was your worst day and without medication, but the CAB would definitely have the most up to date advice on that.

Good luck,



Just a quick 'Hi' and sorry for the circumstances that finds you filling out these dratted forms:-}

Yes, as Dotty above says - you are disabled!

Best wishes,

Cece x


Thank you. Had my rheumy apt today and yes I am disabled. Gulp.... Have requested a PIP form and will see what happens. Never thought I would be disabled or in the position I find myself now. Life can be crap sometimes can't it.


Disabled is a crappy term but I figure if using the label means that I can access support if I need it then why not. It doesn't change who you are as a person even if it does feel like that when you tick the box! To be honest if you are disabled and still managing to work full time then you are stronger than many of the people who work with you,( though it may not feel like it some days). I also struggled when using term initially as it made me feel not like me anymore but i'm getting used to the fact that it doesn't say any more about me than saying I'm ginger.


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