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I have a bump on my middle finger on my right hand dr thought it could be ra I had xrays done but it showed nothing dr says ra doesnt always

Show on xrays till its really bad, I also have a bump on my right ankle and when I showed the dr she said it looked like I sprained it but wouldnt it be sore? Now I have a bump on my left elbow I poked it with a pin snd some clear fluid with a red tinge came out the swelling may have gone down a bit but notmuch im wondering if these could be side effects from cortisone shots. Ive had one in my lower back one in my right shoulder and last one was in my left shoulder. Has anyone else had anything like this. Ive looked on the nrt and the only thing I could find was gideons disease

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So, what was the Doctor's preliminary diagnosis before she gave you the steroid injections?

I'd be very wary about sticking needles or pins into any lumps or bumps that you don't know the origin of. At least you could cause an infection!

I've had a few steroid jabs in the past and never produced lumps. Indeed, they usually reduce them!

I think another chat to your Doctor would be appropriate.


Finally got to see the dr the other day for my elbow and she tells me its bursitis she drained it but it was filled back up by the next day, she told me I would need a cortisone shot, I didnt really want to do that again because the last one I had for my shoulder gave me a bad side effect, I ended up having my period for 15 days 6 days is bad enough. She also told me I have arthritis in my left shoulder, but last time I went she said there was nothing in the xrays I told her she told me that and she was like oh did you get another xray done I told her no, so Im not sure if she misread it last time or maybe she only had the results of the xrays and not the ultrasound. Anyways I have an appointment in July to go see a rheumatologist hopefully she can figure something out for me.


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