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Canada Here I come!!! :-)

Thankfully, my GP as promised got me pain free enough so I can get to see my family. Earlier in the year I was in soooo much pain with RA and a prolapsed disc amongst other things. The specialist gave me an epidural for my back and my GP gave me steroids for 4 weeks along with other pain control medications and last evening he gave me a booster steroid injection which should last 6 weeks. When I come back I will see my Rhumey nurse as I had to come off the anti-tnf injections due to a cyst I have had for over 12 yrs, and in the last 6 months has more than doubled in size. It is good that they are being cautious and asked me to stop the anti-tnf injections until I speak with my consultant.

Anyway, I am not worrying about it, I am happy, pain free and looking forward to spending time with my family. :-) :-) Take care everyone and lets hope the sunshine here will help everyone feel much better. See you when I get back. xx

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Good on you have a great time! i too am hoping to be feeling better before we go from NZ to europe and US with our son, his wife and two little ones, family makes life more bearable. cheers


Have a great time! M x


Have a great time. been pain free sounds fabulous hope it lasts for you x


Have a wonderful time

Jen x


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