Just need to rant

Week 7 into taking methotexate and had a massive flare crp 110 so had 160 mg of depo in my bottom. After 2 days im feeling some relief. Consultant just tang to say she wants to up mtx so starting from day 1 all over again. If only i could get a drs appointment about my knee cartlidge tear n back pain i might just be able to start functioning again. Non of my pain relief is helping my knee pain. Currently taking naproxen corn codomol n tromodol as a top up innetween but its not helping at all. Feel like stopping all meds right now as nothing seems to have any effect on me anyway. I need to dig deep into my positivity pot. Rant over feel a lil better already x

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  • I am sorry you are having a rough time. That's a big flare, thank goodness for steroid but unfortunately the effect doesn't last long does it? Are you taking any other DMARDS with the methotrexate, ie anti-tnf. It's so frustrating waiting for these drugs to kick in, I am having a nightmare with abatacept not working well enough yet to function. The ongoing pain is so lowering and it is hard to keep positive. maybe switch to another painkiller, I find arcoxia a good anti-inflammatory, have a chat with your GP if you can ever get an appointment. Do hope the methotrexate starts to work a bit better soon, it will be building up in the system but everything is so slow.

  • Just on mtx. I managed to get a gp appointment. Had an xray on my back today and got an appoinment with knee disease dr to see if surgery would help so at least things r been done. She never suggested changing pain killers even tho i told her they werent helping. Think there were too many problems all at once will have to ring n leave a message she usually calls me back n can do it on the phone or leave me a script to collect. This site is a blessing theres always someone going thro the same and can help u focus n see things more clearly. Thanks for your reply

  • pleased you got a GP appt and moving forward a bit. Good idea to ring GP about painkillers, I will be doing the same next week, it's easier than trying to get an appointment. I have only just started using this site and yes it is a huge blessing. Do hope things improve for you very soon.

  • It's really therapeutic to have a rant isn't it? Especially when you know that we all understand!

    Hope things improve soon. M x

  • Thanks hatsheput n metal legs. Hope things improve for u both too x

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