Pain Relief Actipatch!

Hi, I don't usually recommend things but my husband told me about Actipatch from Boots or Amazon. It is an Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy. You can get it for Back Pain, Shoulder/ neck and hand pain. It is easy to switch on and off. It has really helped my back pain as I have had to cut down my morphine!!! Down side it costs £20!! Mind you get 720 hours of action!! Anyhow just a thought if anyone wants to do a bit of research on the Actipatch.

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  • My husband used it to his neck with no help.

    But I used it on lower back with fabulous results, I felt my back muscle getting warm and the pain was much less, I would recommend, not at all involved with the company lol !

  • Sadly I think pain is so individual and what works for one person, might not for another!!! If you suffer with Chronic Pain you will try what you can for some relief. Enjoy your weekend M.

  • I ordered a £1 trial sample off of their fb page. So I am going to give it a go:-)

  • Didn't know you could get a freebie!!! Good. On day 5 and pain in back dulled!!! Honestly that's good for me!!!

  • Unist51, might be worth you ordering one, save you paying full price for the next one.

    I haven't received it yet as they said may take 30 days to deliver.

    Nothing to loose at £1!


  • Will do and at moment dull pain which is great for me, will get on to it. Thank you x

  • Thanks for pointing this out Jazie. I've ordered a 7 day sample also off Facebook for £1.99

  • Hi, i also use a electromagnetic pulse therapy unit, but from Lloyds Pharmacy own brand. £11.35. I'm not sure if it actually works or is more like a placebo. I take it alongside pain relief medication. It's a strange feeling to start with but once you get used to it its fine. Its portable so can wear to work and keep controller in my suit pocket.

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