HaH phoned me at 8.00 am on Sunday morning !!!!!!!

I was very surprised to be woken up by my husband at 8.00am Sunday morning, telling me HaH were on the phone asking if I would confirm how many MTX I had left!! Surprised too they are not phoning on my mobile anymore as I indicated I preferred. (Maybe costs?) I said .. tell them it is a bit early for me to be getting out of bed and checking in the wardrobe!! It would have taken me ten minutes to come round and get up at least. We could not believe they phoned me at this time! They last delivered on 4/4. Ah well .. over efficiency this time!! Hope I am not in a queue of many when I try get back to them!!

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  • I have phoned about 5 times up to 30 minutes a time and sent emails and had no joy whatsoever! They botched my last humira delivery - giving it to a security guard at work when I wasn't even on site. They didn't put it in the fridge!! I now have non and can't get in touch. It's ridiculous!! So good luck!

  • Have you tried phoning the dedicated line for Humira that is on HCH website? I use the one for Enbrel and get straight through I have had to contact them yesterday and this morning and got through within minutes. When I phoned earlier in the month I had the same reaction getting through within minutes.

  • Hi Scarlett .. that is awful ... and what a waste of an expensive medication. So upsetting that you couldn't get yours. I hope you get through and a priority delivery. The plastic bag it comes in says in very bold lettering all over it ... keep refrigerated .. but guess people don't look too close. :-( I am returning four lots which were sent in a double delivery a couple of months back. Shortly after receiving this double delivery, my Consultant said that Humira hadn't done enough for me to continue with it, so I should change to Rituximab so I felt bad to have the extra Humira I couldn't use but it wasn't my fault I received it. Don't know why this happened but it was a bit of a mystery to receive eight at once. It is so stressful for patients worrying they may feel worse if they miss a dose/not receiving their delivery. The number I have for the HaH Humira line is 0333 103 9499, and the general HaH line 0870 333 2834 and I got through on this one immediately at 10am this morning first attempt. Maybe as bank hol and not as busy but last time a couple of months ago I tried I was 47th in the queue so was very surprised I got through first try Monday morning.

  • Before my last humira delivery I had several missed calls on my land line from a withheld number - no message left even though answer phone is permanently on. Eventually they rang when I was in.They have always rung/text my mobile before, perhaps the new delivery people don't have those.

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