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Being on Abatacept


Hi All Abatacept users. Have found out about injecting it now I'd like to know what experience people have had on it. I have previously had two anti TNF's and one biologic - Rituximab - all of which worked great but they all messed up bits of me so had to come off them. Am comfortable with self injecting but have not had any Abatacept previously so would be grateful to know how long it takes to work, if there are any side effects that I really won't want to put up with and has anyone had any reaction to it on the administration day or after ?? Heaps of thanks in advance to those of you I know will give great feedback.

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I have been on abatacept for about 3 months now, have had no side effects, and I think about half way mark, I did notice a difference, no flares at all, I do have some pain, nothing too awful, but, it could be my OA as I also have that in my hands. I am hoping to stay on it, tho my RA nurse is moaning that my das score is not low enough, so I maybe taken of it, which I really don't want to happen. Good luck

I am 46 have sero negative inflammatory arthritis and Abatacept is my 4th drug is 2 years after failing Humira, Rituximab and Toxicilizumab. Previously had 8 years on Enbrel until it failed and body cannot tolerate DMARDS.

After a few weeks I did think this was the one but after some improvement it is having some effect but not enough. Being reassessed end of May (6 months) and am unsure what will happen - yes there is improvement compared to last year but nowhere near the same as when Enbrel was working but should say there are a lot more joints involved now than then so suppose it will come down to DAS score, funding or accepting that this is the best that can be achieved at the moment. There is no way I could even hold down a part time job at the moment the way my disease is affecting me. For me it is variable though the week - part tired, part better. Sorry this is on the negative side but remember everybody reacts differently and until you try you do not know how it will affect you. S

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These drugs are such a lottery. I've had sero pos. RA for twenty five years, am 61 and have had practically everything prescribable apart from the very newest biologics. The DMARDS were no help at all and I had one after the other to no avail and the anti TNFs gave me Lupus! Eventually, the scientists will hit on the perfect combination and we can all breathe a sigh of relief and get back to life. Until then we just have to keep trying and go for the one that gives the most relief of symptoms......

I've only had 6 injections, so not a huge amount of experience and too soon to know definitely whether it'll work (it isn't doing any good yet). The injections are the least painful I've had, and don't leave any red marks or itchiness at the injection site. I had a lot of headaches after the first 3-4 injections (which Celebrex dealt with nicely) and did feel extra tired the day after, but that's passed now.

i had Abatacept infusions for 6 months and then i went on injections in January. i have to say it had a huge responce to it. i was basicly pain free from July last year.....then, i had a really bad flare up starting about two weeks ago. it has eased a bit alright but i'm haven't went back to my previous pain free condition.

as for the injections, i am unable to do it myself due to a bit of deformity so a very good neighbour does it for me every week. the injections are almost pain free and i have no problems with them at all. hope things go well with this drug for you. i have found it to be really great and am hoping to get back to that state again soon. all the best. jean

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