Just wanted to let everyone know that I am after getting my fourth infusion of Abatacept and I am doing really well on it. I had my usual three monthly appointment with my rheumy doc and she is very please with all of my blood results. I need some physio for the limp in my right knee and my shoulders but other than that everything is looking great. I have a lot more energy too.

I've had my share of problems with the biologicals but this one does seem to be working for me. My whole outlook on life has changed as it does when you are feeling wel after years of pain. Seems it is a case of trial and error.

Just thought I would post this to let others on the bio's know that they can and do work.

Lots of good wishes to all that are not finding life too good at the minute. XXX

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  • great news :) xx

  • has your pain decreased jeanbelle? xx

  • Thanks for that Jeanabelle, I have been on demards for many years which have stopped working. I have been having Humira for about a year but it's obvious now it's just not working for me either. Not feeling well, no energy and my fingers are like sausages! Good to hear there's something else out there that could work for me as I'm starting to get depressed. xx

  • Me too, waiting only rhey this week to tell me if I am changing it

  • Brill :)

  • That's good to hear! On Rituximab at the minute but had rash after 6th infusion so looking at abatacept

  • thanks for that encouragement. I have tried 2 other biological drugs with poor and then dreadful effect (Rutoximab) and now about to try Abatacept... so here is fingers crossed for me. Glad you are doing well, so pleased for you to get your life back!

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