Hi, after struggling continuing with constant pain and debility from this interminable un-forgiving miserable disease, I have conceded to start another biologic Abatacept. Has anyone on here had experience with taking this drug? I have previously, this year, taken Embrel but suffered from the dreaded side effects. I understand that as individuals our bodies respond differently to these complex genetically modified drugs but it would be helpful to hear other RA sufferers experiences who have or are on Abatacept.

Anyone know of any new miracle drugs on the horizon?

sorry for the rant but my war against RA continues.

best wishes to all


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  • Hi

    I have been on abatacept for 18 months now. I tried enbrel with no luck so moved on to this. Amazing stuff for me, I'm pain free and getting on with my life after spending the previous 12 months going through all the other drugs along with steroids just to keep me going. No side effects that I'm aware of but did take a good few months to get things firmly under control.

    Hope it works as well for you.....there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • thanks for this Beaches2 very encouraging and am glad it has had such a positive impact on you, may it long continue.

    best wishes


  • I have shooting burning sensation in my joints which increases at night and keeps me awake.

    I take amitriptiline on the night before I work and usually sleep well but on the nights I don't take it I have a bad night. My GP recently increased my dose to 20mg but didn't issue more tablets so need to ration my tablets until I have my next appointment.

    So it's possibly neuropathic pain causing this so maybe ask GP for something to help this.

  • It's amitriptiline I take. It was originally given after shingles but continued to take. I had shingles January 2015 a year before RA diagnosis

  • thanks for your reply Matilda, sorry you are suffering, hope you get it under control soon.

    best wishes


  • I'm now on Humira having had very nasty injection site reactions with Enbrel. Tolerating it well and it's working!

  • Embrel did the same for me with additional side effects, glad to hear Humira is working for you.

    best wishes


  • Just wish I could find a way to deal with the burning feet....lovely that joints aren't painful...but want to be totally back to normal....is that so unreasonable?!

  • Not at all unreasonable, best wishes


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