Been having a nice time!

Been having a nice time!

I have been pushing myself in this nice weather ! Had a lovely time in the caravan at Hawes in the Yorkshire dales, didn't fall out this time which is a benefit! But I did get awful Achilles' tendon iris. The doc gave me naprosyn tablets 1000mg which work well. Then me and daughter went to Harrogate a lovely spa town and went into the Turkish baths, my joints were in heaven ! Then had a gentle massage and jacuzzi .. Blissful day.

So resting up today but thank goodness again got shop mobility, means I can keep getting out so I'm not proud lol !!!

Hope you had a nice Easter, what were you all up to? I didn't have an egg due to the diabetes but never mind it was more for daughter ha ha ! Xx

Don't know why I phone turns pictures on side any advice?

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  • Not sure about the pics, sometimes mine does and sometimes it ok

  • We've just returned from a lovely walk in Richmond Park, we used to take my daughter there every Easter when she was in her pram or buggy, now I pushed the wheelchair until I felt I required the preferable rest, when hubby took over the reins!

  • Sounds lovely, I haven't been there x

  • How lovely having a happy Easter wknd...I've had a very relaxing wknd... Everywhere I've gone there's been the kids Easter eggs open so every time I walk past i cant resist the temptation...can't say no... so naughty me full of chocolate eggs...yum...when I say kids...they are 19 and 15 and me even bigger kid slyly sharing them hehe...hope you well and when you mention naprosyn that's what I find works well for me...if I'm having a flare...take it easy sending Easter hugs Nicola

  • Yes it dies seem to be taking the edge off, start new infusions tomorrow, so will be a new woman soon!!

  • Is it a steroid infusion?

  • No, it's Orencia. They explained to me there are two types of biologics, anti tnf ( against a protein that causes inflammation) and mine is a second group against T cells( which I believe cause inflammation) . I'm surprisingly not read up on it too much lol so that's what I took from our conversation. The scientists among you may explain!

    So I tried anti tnfs; Remicade, Enbrel, Humira but due to my type of RA they didn't work. There is some sort of link to T cels and fibroblasts, the type of fibroblastic RA I have , so hopefully the T cell one should be for me. ,! Fingers crossed. Xx

  • It all makes sense to me allanah, I hope it really works well for you. I'm glad you had a lovely weekend too. And, you're one step ahead of me with your photography, at least your photo's are transported to where you want them even if they are sideways on. Some of my pictures are interesting, but they are stuck in phone because I just can't get the hang of transferring them to any site, perhaps it's my age !!!

    All fingers and toes crossed for you :-) June xx

  • Thanks June xx

  • We went for a picnic by the bird reserve at Aberlady on the Firth of Forth. Mud flats, puddles lots of birds and a lovely German bakery that does filled rolls. ANd naughty cakes. I'm glad you had a good time.

  • Sounds great, been to the dolphin bit but not the bird sanctuary, love watching them though x

  • That sounds so nice! Very peaceful!

  • So pleased you had a good time. Turkish Baths sounds wonderful! I've spent a couple of days in bed wasting the beautiful weather, but this was die to really overdoing things the last couple of weeks. Taking my granddaughter away for a week and then having to catch up with work after having a week off - my own fault!

  • I know, you pay the price dont you! But I think it would be lovely having grandchildren x

  • Allanah,

    It sounds absolutely wonderful! Massage and Turkish baths! Glad you had a nice Easter get away! Hope you Achilles eases up and feels better.

  • Yes I think the drugs are helping. Starting Orencia tomorrow so fingers crossed, how's the Enbrel going?

  • Do you not think the eye candy you posted on fb would be a treat for us nras ladies ;) xx

    (In kilts)

  • Lol! Don't think they look like they have RA in their hips!! ;) blushing xx

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