Amitriptyline 20mg daily

Just started on Amitriptyline 20mg daily. R.A specialist said that it is prescribe on a much higher dose to treat depression but is used at 20mg to treat people with chronic pain from R.A. I have been in a lot of pain the last two months from R.A and have been taking strong pain relief. Anybody tried this medication ?? If so how did you get on ?? After the last two months im willing to try anything. xx

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Hi I am on 60mg and after a while I did find it helped. I have been in it for four years now and not had any problems taking it no side effects etc. hope it helps you



Hello Sara

Yes I take this drug and have been on it now for about ten years, my dose is 75mg daily and find it very effective, in the suppression of Nurological pain management, contraindications are slight for me..

Good Luck



Yes SarahJen, I started taking this about three weeks ago, after the GP persuaded me. I have found amazing relief but only take at night because it makes me so very sleepy- not advised to drive and that means cannot work so take at night only and I do find I am sleeping better as well cos the pain is not waking me up so much during the night. Well worth trying- let us know how you get on


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I take the same dose on a night for my slipped disc pain I must say I does help somewhat but I still get the pain through the day hope u feel better soon xxxx


Hi all, I take 40mg nightly - have done for about 2 years now and it certainly helps me get a restful night. Certainly miss it if for some reason I don't take it. Good luck with it.


I take 20mg at night too. Most nights I have about 4 hours uninterrupted sleep which is great. I wouldn't take it in the daytime because I usually fall asleep after 10 minutes!


I use it - but to help me sleep by dealing with aches, pain and discomfort at night time as it is a sedative analgesic - I take 20mg.

I'm pleased to tell you that it works a treat and I am sleeping very well now.


fantastic stuff , I have 50mg every night , im also on mst 30mg daily , but I have to admit that the amitriptyline works very well for me , no side effects at all ,hope you find it as good x


I'm on 50mgs at night but still take co-codamol 3 times a day to help with pain. I wasn't sure it was helping so stopped it, I then realised that it was helping so went back on it!


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